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Training: Getting Started With Qualitative Data Analysis

Course Description:

Qualitative data is often more helpful than more structured survey-based data for gaining deep insight into a population or understanding the impact of a new program. However, a scant few nonprofit professionals have experience conducting systematic qualitative analysis. This introductory workshop, “Getting Started with Qualitative Data Analysis,” is designed to provide participants with the fundamental tools and knowledge needed to begin analyzing qualitative data effectively. We will explore various methods of qualitative analysis, including types of coding and theming, that are simple to apply and can offer reliable insights. We will also guide participants through the steps of organizing data, identifying patterns, and interpreting findings to make informed decisions.

Course Objectives:

– An understanding of the qualitative data analysis lifecycle, and where qualitative data analysis is often most helpful for nonprofits.
– Knowledge of the key methods and techniques for analyzing qualitative data, including approaches to coding and thematic analysis
– Ideas for how to effectively organize and manage qualitative data for analysis, including templates to use for simpler projects and software to consider for more in-depth projects.
– Practical skills in identifying insightful themes and codes from qualitative data to derive meaningful insights.

Recorded 3/20/24.

Presented By:

Paul Collier

Paul is an evaluator and data translator who loves to make data accessible to everyone regardless of their background and resources. As a Director at Corona Insights, one of his greatest joys is engaging people who don’t think of themselves as “data people” to understand information about the world around them and use that information to make smart strategic decisions. Paul also prides himself in being a strong trainer, facilitator, and coach to individuals who have an interest in building their own data skills.

Prior to joining the Corona Insights team, Paul served as the founder of Coeffect, a consulting firm dedicated to helping grassroots nonprofits establish the fundamental practices of measuring their impact to learn and grow. Paul’s experience includes program design, data collection tool development, qualitative and quantitative analysis, data visualization, and facilitating engaging data-centric conversations. In addition to consulting for organizations, he has led trainings around impact measurement strategy for hundreds of nonprofit professionals through the Colorado Nonprofit Association, Nonprofit Learning Lab, and Social Venture Partners Denver.

Annie Theodoropoulos

Annie Theodoropoulos is a trained anthropologist who specializes in qualitative data analysis. She is passionate about human-centered approaches to data collection and analysis, preferring to employ a blend of both qualitative and quantitative methods to weave together the voices of diverse participants, advocates, funders, and stakeholders. She believes that data is important insofar as it can be used to build a shared story to guide sustainable development, encourage continual reflection, and navigate to equitable outcomes amidst ever-changing environments.

Annie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Religious Studies from the University of Chicago. She then completed a Master of Arts and PhD in Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. She has extensive experience conducting in-depth interviews, surveys, and questionnaires. She has presented her research findings in both international academic conferences and at national evaluation conferences.

Shared Webinar: How to Thrive as Organizational Leaders in the Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Space


Join Jay Voight MBA, M.Ed., SHRM-CP, LPC, CAS for this hour long presentation on Leadership for the Colorado Provider Association.



Training: Navigating Stress, Burnout, and Trauma in the Nonprofit Workplace


Nonprofit organizations grapple with profound challenges related to stress and burnout among their dedicated staff and volunteers. The intrinsic passion that propels individuals to work in the nonprofit sector, fueled by a profound commitment to social causes, paradoxically contributes to elevated stress levels. This two-part training initiative aims to equip individuals working in the nonprofit sector with a foundational framework for understanding, evaluating, and intervening in simple yet effective ways to minimize the impact of stress, burnout, and trauma on their day-to-day work experience. 

Part 1 – Empowering Employees in Challenging Times

Jay will offer a basic neurobiological explanation of how stress, burnout, and trauma affect our bodies, along with tools employees can utilize to prevent, minimize, or mitigate these effects within the workplace. Participants will be provided with a basic “tool kit” to utilize the concepts and ideas presented within the workplace. This session will consist of 30 minutes of presentation followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

Part 2 – Cultivating a Healthy Workforce through Organizational Leadership

The second part of this training is designed to assist organizational leaders in assessing the impact of employee stress, burnout, and trauma on the execution of the organizational mission. Leaders will be provided with a comprehensive framework from which to prioritize and intervene within the workplace, aiming to develop the most effective organizational policies, structures, and communication methods to create a trauma-informed workplace. This session will consist of 30 minutes of presentation followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

Part 1 – Recorded 2/8/24.
Part 2 – Recorded 2/15/24.


Jay Voigt, MBA, M.Ed, LPC, CAS, SHRM-CP

Jay is an exceptionally seasoned and people-focused leader, boasting over two decades of proficiency in the healthcare industry. His expertise lies in the specialized field of behavioral healthcare service delivery within intricate and challenging environments. As a licensed professional counselor, certified addiction specialist, and Society of Human Resource certified professional, Jay possesses a unique blend of clinical skills and human resource knowledge. Drawing from his rich leadership experience, Jay is dedicated to assisting organizations in enhancing their relationships with their most valuable resource: their people. His comprehensive skill set, and holistic approach contribute to his ability to drive positive transformations within complex organizational settings.

Jay is a dedicated lifelong learner, consistently pursuing growth through continuous organizational and professional development. His pride lies in his transformational leadership approach, emphasizing investments in people, teams, and organizational culture. Jay is widely recognized for his exceptional communication skills, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking abilities.

As the founder and principal consultant of Human Capital LLC, Jay is deeply committed to leveraging his expertise in change management, strategic planning, human capital management, leadership development, team building, and healthcare strategy and operations to drive organizational growth. 

Prior to his consulting venture in 2022, Jay held senior leadership positions in academic and traditional healthcare systems, public mental health, and private non-profit organizations in both Colorado and Pennsylvania. Today, as the driving force behind Human Capital LLC, Jay continues to make a substantial impact in the behavioral healthcare space, guiding organizations towards their goals while nurturing personal and professional growth in others.

Training: Building a Technology Infrastructure


Technology can be intimidating, especially for smaller organizations. This session will help participants build a technology infrastructure by assessing organizational risk factors, identifying technology priorities, and planning for current and future needs.

Participants will learn:
1. How to assess the technology and security risk factors for your organization.
2. The technology-related policies an organization should have in place.
3. Technology tools and systems to consider for your organization.
4. How to plan for future technology needs, including staffing.

Recorded 1/23/24.


Angela Schreffler (she/her) is the owner of Centennial Nonprofit Consulting, LLC and has worked in the nonprofit sector for over twenty years. Angela’s passion is in helping organizations achieve their goals and strives to do so in a collaborative, iterative, practical, and approachable way. Prior to starting Centennial Nonprofit Consulting, LLC in early 2023, Angela spent 10 years as the Chief Operating Officer at Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, one of the leading fiscal sponsors in the country and a founder of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors. In that role, Angela led two teams and coached hundreds of charitable organizations in fundraising, board development, strategic planning, business administration, financial management and planning, risk management, and operations. Prior to that position, Angela led several organizations including an environmental organization in Kansas City and Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC). Angela currently serves on the board of directors of Chinook Fund. Angela has completed the Employers Council Executive Leadership program and has a master’s in public administration with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management. She has also completed the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation’s Impact Denver program

Training: Navigating Impact – A 60 Minute Masterclass on Strategic Planning


Calling all nonprofit professionals! Ready to elevate your strategic planning game and steer your organization towards greater impact? Join me for a dynamic 60-minute masterclass designed specifically for nonprofit leaders like you!

Recorded 1/9/24.


Brittany Dawson (she/they) is the Founder of Brittany Dawson Coaching LLC, a Denver based Coaching & Consulting business that’s on a mission to unlock the BEST in people through coaching, training, and inspirational keynotes .Brittany has inspired over 500+ people with organizations like Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Constellation Brands (the name behind Modelo & Corona Extra), and 50+ organizations across the nonprofit and corporate sectors. Brittany’s superpower is facilitating spaces with empathy, humor, and joy to inspire action. When she’s not coaching you can find her ordering a large amount of sushi on UberEats, listening to Afrobeats, and going for hikes! You can learn more about her work by connecting with her on LinkedIn and

Training: The Power of the Debrief – Fueling Innovation through Reflection


Join Tes Cohen from Transformative Gatherings for a dynamic, participatory 60-minute workshop where we explore the often overlooked power of the debrief. Discover how creating space for post-event/program discussion to reflect on successes and lessons learned can pave the way for continuous improvement and innovation.


Recorded 12/12/23.


Tes Cohen

Tes’ life purpose is to create meaningful opportunities that foster curiosity and community in order to cultivate interconnectedness and continuous learning. She delights in doing exactly that by guiding companies that make the world a better place to amplify their impact by bringing intentionality to their workplace gatherings. Her career began serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Costa Rica and includes several years in the nonprofit world as well as five years in corporate philanthropy at Gap Inc. Tes is also the co-founder of Radical Reset, creating a movement of rested leaders and a world in which rest is democratized, normalized, and celebrated.

Tes has her BA in Psychology and Spanish from Connecticut College and Masters in Public Administration from NYU. She is on the board of Convivir Colorado, a nonprofit that guides youth impacted by migration to find power in their immigrant story.

In her spare time, Tes enjoys biking, rock climbing, teaching yoga, and travel (30 states and 30 countries visited and counting!).

Training: Stop Giving your Money Away to Vendors


First, we will discuss how everything has and is getting more expensive. Next, I will share tips on how to stop paying vendors too much in areas like telecom, shipping, waste, and more. Last, we will focus on ways to save time in managing expenses and how those savings can be put back into the NPO. 

Participants will:

1. Take home tips and tricks to reduce costs

2. Get time back to focus on the passion of your nonprofit

3. Learn what to do with savings found

Recorded 12/5/24.


Keith Crockett has been helping businesses in a variety of ways for almost 20 years. He has helped organizations implement inventory and asset management systems and select cutting edge technology. He has held a variety of roles including sales, support, product management, and front line management. He is know the owner of Schooley Mitchell of Castle Rock which helps organizations save on operating costs.

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Training: Messaging Must-Haves to End Your Year Strong


It’s that time of the year again. Your nonprofit is hard at work crafting messaging for the giving season, weaving stories for your annual report, and strategizing your end-of-year communications.

Without a clear set of foundational messages that articulate your organization’s value and impact, writing can feel and become overwhelmingly stressful.

Don’t get bogged down by the end-of-year chaos. Learn how to create strong new messages and elevate existing ones at our webinar, Messaging Must-Haves to End Your Year Strong.

We’ll teach you our sought-after Minute Message Model™—a four-part messaging framework designed to help you communicate what your organization does and why it matters in a concise, consistent, and compelling way.

You’ll learn how to leverage this framework to craft memorable communications with ease and confidence, helping your organization attract more support from more people this end of year.

By the end of the webinar, you will:

Recorded 11/27/23.


Abbey Meyers, Associate Director of Strategy

Mission Minded Associate Director of Strategy, Abbey Meyers ensures that teams inside and outside of the company have what they need to seamlessly transition from strategy to execution. She enjoys amplifying communication and culture within organizations at any life cycle from brand and messaging to strategic planning and digital strategy.

Before joining Mission Minded, Abbey worked in various advertising agencies where she found herself drawn to her client’s philanthropic efforts. 

Abbey is passionate about enhancing our quality of life through food and movement. She supports initiatives that provide resources for maintaining emotional resilience and a balanced lifestyle.

Elisa Wiseman, Strategist

Elisa is a Strategist at Mission Minded with a passion for helping organizations she believes in, tell their stories and build intentional and valuable brands. Her background in storytelling and advocacy give her a unique perspective on how to leverage brand strategy for organizational growth and innovation.

Prior to joining Mission Minded, Elisa worked as an in-house communications manager for different nonprofits advocating for equity in education. 

Outside of work, Elisa is passionate about reproductive justice and immigrant rights. She supports organizations working towards a more accessible healthcare system and those providing support to immigrants and refugees from around the globe.

Training: Break the Fundraising Mold – Tips to Transform Your Donor Messaging


Fundraising in today’s complex landscape demands a fresh approach to donor communications. Nonprofits of all missions share a similar challenge: How can we rekindle the passion of our long-time donors while inspiring a new generation of supporters for our cause? In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn a new values-driven framework for thinking about your donors, and how to translate this approach into powerful messages that uniquely connect to your donor types, helping draw them immediately to your cause—no matter what fundraising effort you’re leading.

When you place your donors’ values at the forefront of your strategy, you develop messages that not only seek support, but also inspire action, solidify loyalty, and nurture a community dedicated to advancing your mission.

Join us as we break the traditional fundraising mold to build a fresh fundraising strategy and message framework that prioritizes building meaningful connections.

By the end of our workshop, you will:
1. Learn the pitfalls of traditional fundraising models especially when it comes to attracting new donors.
2. Transform your fundraising by turning your donor profiles into rich and robust values-based personas that will help you develop a campaign that connects with them.
3. Leverage your organization’s core values in your fundraising strategy to create authentic donor messages that reinforce what you uniquely stand for.

Recorded 11/15/23.


Zach Hochstadt, Founding Partner & Creative Director

Zach Hochstadt co-founded Mission Minded in 2002 to provide nonprofits with the highest level of brand, strategy, messaging, and design. Today, the award-winning agency serves some of the nation’s most respected organizations in education, health, social services, and more!

Zach has particular expertise in brand strategy, messaging, and naming. He’s led big communication projects on behalf of clients like Colorado Health Foundation, Khan Academy, and Children’s Museum of Denver.

Prior to founding Mission Minded, Zach worked in several boutique agencies before joining the American Red Cross. Appointed by Mayor Hancock in 2014, Zach serves as the board chair for Denver Preschool Program.

Tia Robinson, Strategist

As strategist, Tia takes the time to fully understand clients’ needs to create compelling brands and strategies that help take client’s missions to the next level. She’s led transformation donor campaign projects on behalf of clients like University of British Columbia and Wesleyan University. 

Tia started her career at DonorsChoose on the business development team, where she helped partners meet their philanthropic and business goals through research and data analysis.

Outside of work, Tia is a member and alumni of Prep for Prep, a leadership development program that offers promising students of color access to an independent school education in New York City.