Colorado Nonprofit Association

Workplace Safety

Principles & Practices

A nonprofit should continually work to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Nonprofits must purchase workers’ compensation insurance. 

(P&P 3rd Edition, 2015, p.29)


Employees play a vital role in achieving your organization’s mission. That’s why it’s important to care for your employees and ensure their safety. Through Pinnacol Assurance’s Safety Group Program, members have access to a number of resources. 

Below are resources to help your organization create a safer workplace. 

Safety Group Members

You can complete the Cost Containment Certification to complete the training requirement for the Safety Group. Visit for more information or contact


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Additional Safety Resources

About the Safety Group Program

Nonprofit members of Colorado Nonprofit Association can qualify to join Pinnacol Assurance’s Safety Group Program through the Association and HUB International. Safety Group members commit to maintaining and enhancing industry-leading safety and claims management practices while also receiving a 4% discount on their workers’ compensation premium. 

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You’ve learned how to create a positive work environment by focusing on three areas. Now, put the third focus area, monitoring and promoting a healthy work environment, to practice. Ask yourself these eight questions to ensure the healthy of your workplace culture. 


Creating a Positive Culture within Your Nonprofit


Our nonprofits are in a unique position to offer the work experience where we capture employees’ hearts and unleash their joy through the purpose driven work we engage in every day. This article touches on the three areas nonprofit can focus on to create health work environments. 

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