Colorado Nonprofit Association

Training: The ABCs of Building Better Boards


Session 1-A=Acquiring.   We’ll explore tried and true ideas for getting ready for effective board recruitment, recruitment requirements and ideas, where to find board members, the process and tools of an effective nominating committee, new board member orientation, and much more.

Recorded 8/8/22

Session 2- B=Building and Managing. If you’ve worked hard to recruit the best board members, you must manage the board effectively to keep them engaged and involved.  In this session, we’ll discuss best practices in board operations and management including tips for holding effective meetings, committee structures, planning, and basic board roles and responsibilities.

Recorded 9/14/22

Session 3- C = Celebrating and Rewarding. Think about this: “You Get What You Accept and What You Reward!”  The last session will share more best practices and ideas for managing and rewarding those best board members. We’ll also look back at the first two sessions and recap what we’ve discussed and the highlights of the first two sessions.

Recorded 9/22/22


Jean Block, Jean Block Consulting