Colorado Nonprofit Association

Training: Nonprofit Cyber Security Risk Assessment


In the first session– participants will  Assess your organization’s inherent cyber risk today! Attend our cyber risk training and complete a cyber risk assessment – all included in a two-part training. We will provide you with the expertise and tools to perform a comprehensive risk assessment with your team. The sessions will educate you on the challenges of risk management faced by nonprofits and best practices to overcome those challenges.

 Gyan-i have built TitanDef, a cloud-based cyber security risk management platform designed to perform cyber risk evaluation report to understand your overall exposure. All training participants will receive a free trial to TitanDef. During our first training session, we will use TitanDef to answer basic questions about your organization such as the data you collect, and how your organization uses technology.

Part 1 – Recorded 8/23/22

In the second session, we will walk you through a well-defined cyber assessment using TitanDef. The outcome is to provide you with a real-time report on your organization’s cyber-attack surface, data loss risks, cyber risk appetites, and technology-induced threats. Based on your organization’s cyber risk scale, the TitanDef algorithm will recommend a customized set of safeguards (controls) to protect your organization from common threats. As a capstone to the training, you will have the opportunity to measure your organization’s progress against the recommended safeguards, prioritize your efforts using risk assessments and develop a plan of action to make your organization secure in the eminent future.

 Join us and get secure!

Part 2 – Recorded 9/6/22



Gyan-i, Inc. is a home-grown Colorado proud strategic cyber security advisory, consulting, and managed services firm. We collectively advise clients from various industries, such as legal, health, financial, and nonprofits, with $3.5 billion+ in AUM. We take pride in providing exceptional cyber security preparedness to each of our clients based on their strategic and operational needs. No matter their size, we have created a unique partnership with each client.