Colorado Nonprofit Association

Training: Making the Most of Your Board Meetings


Board meetings are not “just another meeting.” As Executive Directors and Board Chairs, this is your prime opportunity to bring your governance volunteers together. Your meetings should be intentionally crafted, highly effective, and produced similar to a special event. And, while there are similarities between all board meetings, yours should be designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. This one-hour course, followed by questions, will get you thinking about how to execute high quality meetings that drive the work of your agency and help attract and retain valuable volunteers. 

Recorded 7/11/23.


Kim Stewart

Kim Stewart is a business and leadership coach and consultant, dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and leaders. Kim has a passion for the nonprofit sector, spending over 30-years as an organizational leader serving agencies of all sizes. In 2020, she decided to expand her reach and shift to supporting the nonprofit sector through consulting and coaching. By switching from staff (with one organization) to serving multiple agencies, Kim has been able to expand the impact she has on her community. With the belief that nonprofit organizations can save the world, she helps those that are struggling to fulfill their mission and purpose. 

Additionally, Kim spent 15-years developing wellness coach programming and training coaches. The initiative has helped thousands of people through behavior change and creating healthy lifestyles that are right for them. These skills have translated smoothly to coaching leaders as they run their business, lead their staff and balance their own lives.

Today Kim offers a wide variety of coaching, consulting, and facilitation services. Her ultimate goal is to help leaders get their organization/business to a place where the mission/vision, values, goals, and every single staff and volunteer is aligned and moving in the same direction. By simplifying, aligning, and calming the chaos, leaders find more time to focus on what’s important to them. 

Kim and her family are originally from Iowa. They love being active in the outdoors, live music, art, reading and more. Her family includes two delightful teenagers ~ Libby and Callahan.