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Training: Leading Effectively with Courage, Confidence, and Clarity – A New Roadmap to Organizational Health


Do you want to hire and retain the best talent to achieve your mission? Do you want to maximize the human potential in your organization to achieve innovation and growth?  Do you take a data-driven approach to measuring your culture and employee experience?  

A healthy, empowering, and inclusive culture that inspires loyalty and trust is necessary for success – yet it’s harder than ever in constantly changing world as we deal with the on-going COVID pandemic, political and social unrest, and threats of a recession.

To combat external threats we cannot control, we focus on what we CAN control. 

In this session, you will learn how to design a culture strategy that inspires and motivates your board and staff . Only through data, honest feedback, and actionable insights can we take steps towards our greatest vision of making the world a better place for all.

Recorded 11/30/22.


Marcia Donziger is a Workplace Culture & Engagement Advisor for non-profit and healthcare organizations, and the architect of the CARES Framework—created to help today’s organizations thrive.  

In 2007, Marcia founded the national non-profit organization, MyLifeLine, with a vision to transform the cancer experience through community and connection. She served in various leaderships roles for more than a decade and led the successful merger of the organization into the Cancer Support Community in 2018. For her pioneering efforts to reduce isolation and build community for 300,000+  cancer patients and their families worldwide, Marcia has been honored with the “John Hickenlooper Unsung Hero Award” and the Denver Channel’s “Everyday Hero Award.”

Marcia holds a degree in Organizational Psychology and Business Management, is a certified Agile Coaching Professional, and regularly presents to national and international audiences about culture.

Marcia lives in Denver, Colorado, with her twin boys and feels enormously grateful to have lived cancer-free since 1997. 

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