Colorado Nonprofit Association

Training: Impact Investments – Should My Organization Be Raising Money from PRIs?


Impact Investments (such as low-cost loans to nonprofits from funders) are becoming a more and more common tool for foundations and donors to use in addition to their grantmaking. In this introductory session, we will cover the basics of impact investments for nonprofits, explore the types of scenarios in which it makes sense for nonprofits to take on these types of investments, and learn how impact investments can augment and catalyze other types of funding for large projects.


Recorded 2/7/23.


Kate Krebs Lyda has worked on both sides of the funding equation, raising tens of millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations and also working in philanthropy making impact investments and grants. Her clients include nonprofits, foundations, and families, who are interested in strategic philanthropy, including mobilizing resources through impact investing.