Colorado Nonprofit Association

Training: HR Summer Series (3 Parts)


Session 1– Human Resource & Compliance Top Trends: leverage your current organizational offerings to improve the recruitment and retainment of top talent

Presenters: Hayley Klein and Meg Gilland- GNA Partners 

Course Description:

In this interactive session we will give a general human resource and compliance update for the Colorado nonprofit community. Share how company compliant strategies such as PTO and benefits translate to better recruiting and retaining of top talent, we will also take time to answer HR compliance and benefits related questions that are top of mind!

Recorded 7/27/22.

Session 2-Managing and Leading Effectively

Presenter: Kim Stewart- Athena Coaching and Consulting 

Course Description:

Being a good supervisor is not something that just happens. It requires intentionality, skills development, and practice. Many people are put into a supervisory role and given no more than a list of their director reports. With today’s employment climate and the need to attract and retain staff, we need to do better. This course will outline the basics of leading, managing, and holding staff accountable.

Recorded 8/12/22.

Session 3- Hiring with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Mind

Presenter: Monica Williams- The Equity Project 

Course Description:

In this 60-minute session, Monica Williams, Chief Consultant Officer at The Equity Project, will discuss how attracting, recruiting, and retaining diverse talent requires organizations to looks inwards, and better understand how their policies, practices, and decision-making may be impacting both who is applying and who is staying. Utilizing her own experiences leading DEI initiatives over the last decade in organizations such as Denver International Airport and CenturyLink, Monica will offer best practices in the field, and share tools and resources that leaders and hiring managers can implement in their recruitment efforts.

Recorded 8/18/22.