Colorado Nonprofit Association

Training: Hiring in the Age of the Great Resignation (3 Parts)


It’s so important to get hiring right, especially in times when the hiring market is competitive. Your nonprofit is a great place to work and you need to make sure your potential employees know it! In this session we will update your job descriptions to ensure they are accurate, have language that protects your organization, and, most importantly, sound exciting and enticing to qualified applicants. We will build on your job descriptions to develop thoughtful, structured interviews that are designed to help your applicants demonstrate their talents to you while filtering for unconscious bias on the part of the interviewers. From there, we’ll discuss effective onboarding strategies that ensure your new hires are set up to succeed. Finally, we’ll explore strategies for employee retention that go beyond on-tap craft beer and ping-pong tables.

Recorded 11/9/22.
Recorded 11/29/22.
Recorded 12/7/22.


RB Fast, CEO, Fast Impact.

RB Fast is an experienced nonprofit leadership coach and operations expert. She’s adept at helping leaders take an honest self-inventory and move towards people first leadership while ensuring their own well-being. She has a long history of getting results for nonprofits. If she’s not in her office working with nonprofit leaders, you can probably find her in the garden.