Colorado Nonprofit Association

Training: Getting Started With Qualitative Data Analysis

Course Description:

Qualitative data is often more helpful than more structured survey-based data for gaining deep insight into a population or understanding the impact of a new program. However, a scant few nonprofit professionals have experience conducting systematic qualitative analysis. This introductory workshop, “Getting Started with Qualitative Data Analysis,” is designed to provide participants with the fundamental tools and knowledge needed to begin analyzing qualitative data effectively. We will explore various methods of qualitative analysis, including types of coding and theming, that are simple to apply and can offer reliable insights. We will also guide participants through the steps of organizing data, identifying patterns, and interpreting findings to make informed decisions.

Course Objectives:

– An understanding of the qualitative data analysis lifecycle, and where qualitative data analysis is often most helpful for nonprofits.
– Knowledge of the key methods and techniques for analyzing qualitative data, including approaches to coding and thematic analysis
– Ideas for how to effectively organize and manage qualitative data for analysis, including templates to use for simpler projects and software to consider for more in-depth projects.
– Practical skills in identifying insightful themes and codes from qualitative data to derive meaningful insights.

Recorded 3/20/24.

Presented By:

Paul Collier

Paul is an evaluator and data translator who loves to make data accessible to everyone regardless of their background and resources. As a Director at Corona Insights, one of his greatest joys is engaging people who don’t think of themselves as “data people” to understand information about the world around them and use that information to make smart strategic decisions. Paul also prides himself in being a strong trainer, facilitator, and coach to individuals who have an interest in building their own data skills.

Prior to joining the Corona Insights team, Paul served as the founder of Coeffect, a consulting firm dedicated to helping grassroots nonprofits establish the fundamental practices of measuring their impact to learn and grow. Paul’s experience includes program design, data collection tool development, qualitative and quantitative analysis, data visualization, and facilitating engaging data-centric conversations. In addition to consulting for organizations, he has led trainings around impact measurement strategy for hundreds of nonprofit professionals through the Colorado Nonprofit Association, Nonprofit Learning Lab, and Social Venture Partners Denver.

Annie Theodoropoulos

Annie Theodoropoulos is a trained anthropologist who specializes in qualitative data analysis. She is passionate about human-centered approaches to data collection and analysis, preferring to employ a blend of both qualitative and quantitative methods to weave together the voices of diverse participants, advocates, funders, and stakeholders. She believes that data is important insofar as it can be used to build a shared story to guide sustainable development, encourage continual reflection, and navigate to equitable outcomes amidst ever-changing environments.

Annie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Religious Studies from the University of Chicago. She then completed a Master of Arts and PhD in Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. She has extensive experience conducting in-depth interviews, surveys, and questionnaires. She has presented her research findings in both international academic conferences and at national evaluation conferences.