Colorado Nonprofit Association

Training: Finding Your Joy at Work


Joy is not a circumstance or an experience, joy is a state – when you are living a life of purpose, of awareness, of gratitude and of alignment. Let’s face it, work plays a large role in all of it. The stakes are pretty high since most people spend the majority of their waking hours working. In the nonprofit world, your success or failure impacts not just you, but the people you serve who are depending on you, which is heavy stuff. But despite the everyday stresses, noise and joy-suckers, with some effort and intentionality it can be done – you can find your joy at work.

Recorded 2/21/23.


Jay Clark served more than 20 years as an Executive Director for three great Colorado nonprofits – the Gold Crown Foundation, Adam’s Camp and Seeds of Hope. He started his career in professional sports working for the Denver Nuggets after graduating from Colorado State University. He has also started two small consulting businesses, JC Charity Services and Wolfpack Communications. In 30-plus years of succeeding and making mistakes, Jay has learned how important living a value-driven life and having a connected team, as well as having fun and laughing, are to successfully making visions realities.