Colorado Nonprofit Association

Training: Data Storytelling 101


“Why won’t anybody pay attention to my data?” Many purpose-driven individuals and social mission organizations go to great lengths to collect data, yet find that their results are overlooked, misunderstood, or ignored.

Don’t let data confusion happen to you or your audience.

In this interactive training designed for small and mid-sized nonprofit practitioners, we will begin by exploring several practices for data visualization you can use to make your data easier to understand. From there, we will discuss the exploration to explanation continuum, a tool that can help you determine how to engage others in any data-centric conversation. Finally, we will explore how you can apply general principles of storytelling (like the narrative arc) and communication (like information scaffolding) to make your messages memorable.

Recorded 3/27/23.


Paul Collier is the founder of Coeffect, a consulting firm that works with nonprofit executives and founders of social enterprises to leverage data to make a greater impact. Since 2016 Coeffect has consulted with over 40 for-impact clients across Colorado, California, and Washington D.C. Paul has also led trainings around impact measurement strategy for hundreds of nonprofit professionals through the Colorado Nonprofit Association, Nonprofit Learning Lab, and Social Venture Partners Denver. Prior to Coeffect, Paul served as the Data and Evaluation Manager at Safe & Sound, a leading family resource center developing a data-informed model to help families raise thriving kids. He also worked for Protiviti, an international consulting firm providing internal audit services to Fortune 500 clients.