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Training: Board and Staff Roles – The Invisible Yellow Line (2 Parts)


Question: Board and Staff – Who does what in a well-run nonprofit organization?
Answer: It’s a partnership!

OK, but Who does What? Attend this two-part series to discover the answers. Using a football analogy and based upon the popular manual The Invisible Yellow Line™ these sessions will explain the basic roles of board and staff in five key nonprofit management areas: governance, planning, finance, human resources and resource development.

Session 1: April 6th, 9 AM – 11 AM: We’ll dig into the primary roles of the board and staff leader in governance and planning. We’ll start with some definitions, explore the duties of Care, Loyalty and Honesty, discuss conflict of interest, mission and vision, disclosures and reporting, bylaws and policies, the basics of planning for a vertically-aligned organization, and more.

Recorded 4/6/23.

Session 2: April 26th, 9 AM – 11 AM: This session will cover key roles of board and staff in finance, human resources and resource development. At this session, we’ll answer questions about who is responsible for what financially, how well-meaning board members could cross the yellow line into HR management and why this is a no-no, and the importance of the board’s fundraising responsibilities.

Recorded 4/26/23.


Jean Block

The workshops are led by Jean Block, a nonprofit consultant and trainer in nonprofit management, board development and fundraising, and author of the Invisible Yellow Line™ and
several other nonprofit books and manuals. You can learn more about Jean at