Colorado Nonprofit Association

The 2021 Colorado Statewide Ballot Measure Guide

Colorado’s nonprofit workers have a significant stake in statewide ballot measures beyond casting their votes. These public policies often affect how they perform their jobs and carry out programs to benefit their communities. Ballot measures influence how nonprofits manage their financial and human capital.

Moreover, voters’ decisions affect funding and delivery of public services that are integral to our quality of life. The 2021 Colorado Statewide Ballot Measure Guide helps Colorado’s nonprofit workers better understand how decisions made on these measures involve them as individuals, community members, employees, leaders, and as part of the broader nonprofit sector. We ask you to reflect on this guide to determine a response that aligns with organizational and personal values, and ensures the impact of Colorado’s nonprofits well into the future.

Colorado’s voters have the power to decide public policy matters at the ballot box. Wield your power to ensure Colorado nonprofits and the communities they serve continue thriving. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations can engage in activities supporting or opposing ballot measures but must report their activities and spending as part of annual Form 990 reporting on lobbying.