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Colorado Nonprofit Pro Bono Legal Match Program

Colorado Nonprofit Association Members: Get the transactional legal assistance your nonprofit needs for free!

The Colorado Nonprofit Pro Bono Legal Match Program, is an initiative of Colorado Nonprofit Association and the Colorado Lawyers Committee effectively matching nonprofits in need of legal assistance with volunteer lawyers who can help. Volunteer lawyers may only assist in transactional-type issues and it could take up to 2 months to be matched with a volunteer lawyer.

Participating Organization Criteria

Areas of Assistance

Volunteer lawyers may assist in transactional-type issues, including:

Pro Bono Legal Group Requests

Submitting a request through the Pro Bono Legal Group DOES NOT guarantee legal counsel for your organization. We simply make your request available to a lawyer who may decide to assist your organization and timing can take up to two months for a lawyer to contact you once you submit a request. We encourage you to maintain your own efforts to secure needed assistance. Acceptance of each request is dependent upon the professional and personal criteria of the individual attorneys who volunteer their time and expertise.

Pro Bono Legal Group assistance is NOT available for:

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