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Information Security Procedures


Below is a template for Information Security Procedures for employees and those who conduct business on behalf of the organization. 


The New Salesforce Administrator Learning Journey

Contributed by: Paul Collier Consulting


In this document, Paul Collier shares his insights into the most efficient ways to build your Salesforce skills, and how to organize your work as a Salesforce Administrator. Although this resource was developed for those using Salesforce, many of the principles and guidelines can be applied to other databases. 

What you’ll find in this guide:


Is Cloud Computing Worth It?


Many organizations are asking themselves, “is cloud computing worth it?” It seems like everyone else is doing it, but is it the right move for your nonprofit? Here are three reasons why, yes, your organization should implement cloud computing. 


10 Considerations Before You Change IT Vendors

Contributed by: Onset Solutions

Your team relies on technology to keep your nonprofit up and running, and loses valuable work hours when it’s not functioning properly. What happens when your IT provider regularly doesn’t get back to you promptly? If you’re feeling neglected by your IT support, here are ten considerations to think about before you pull the plug.  


Overcoming Fundraising Obstacles for Technology Planning

This short video, presented by the Foundation Center, provides information on the funding challenges to accessing quality IT support, determining your organization’s specific technological needs, and how to access the right resources to fulfill those needs.

Social Media Policy: Template


Below is a template for creating an internal social media policy to be enforced by organizational leadership among staff and volunteers.

Why should my organization adopt a social media policy?

Today, most individuals and nonprofits have social media accounts that allow for sharing of information, engaging with others, building awareness, and more. As social media use continues to expand, it’s important to set clear expectations and guidelines.


Blogging for Nonprofits

Blogging can be a useful digital marketing tool for your organization to gain visibility and engage with your audience. Through blogs, your organization can become a thought leader, increase website visitors, and more. Learn the most important aspects of blogging from C1 Partners.


Watch four short videos to learn the basics of blogging for your organization.

How to Generate Blog Content

3 minutes | Generating blog content can be easy when you start thinking about everything your organization does as content. Learn 11 ideas and tips for blog content.

How Often to Blog

3 minutes, 30 seconds | The most common question about blogging – how often to blog? Learn what C1 Partners recommends to have a successful blog.

How to Promote Your Blog

2 minutes | Learn the best ways to promote your blog, including social media, guest blogging, and more.

How to Measure Your Blog

2 minutes | Measuring a blog is just as important as the blog itself. Learn the best way to measure your blog beyond visitor numbers.

About the Presenter

Tyler Mandroian, C1 Partners

C1 Partners is a Denver-based digital marketing company dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses develop and implement successful online marketing strategies. We offer a full scope of digital marketing solutions with emphasis on demand generation, from SEO, PPC, Social Media marketing to and lead nurturing. From business owners to marketing executives of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), we use our expertise in inbound, B2C, and B2B marketing to help clients increase leads, conversions, and sales within the shortest span of time.

Additional Resources

C1 Partners – Find additional free, digital marketing resources from C1 Partners, including recorded presentations.