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MindEdge courses in nonprofit management offer a comprehensive training program in topics from volunteer development and grant writing, to fundraising and budgeting.

Why Nonprofit Management Training?

Running a nonprofit can be a challenge. To be successful, your organization needs talented grant writers, solid financial management, and committed volunteers to bring your mission to the
attention of your community so you can receive the support you need.

Fundraising, board and volunteer development, budgeting, reading financial statements, leadership, marketing, and setting strategic direction are all addressed in our collection of nonprofit
management courses.

Course List:

▸ Certificate in Nonprofit Management
▸ Nonprofit Management (ACE CREDIT®)
▸ Advanced Grant Writing
▸ Capital Campaigns

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Colorado Nonprofit Pro Bono Legal Match Program

Get the transactional legal assistance your nonprofit needs for free!


The Colorado Nonprofit Pro Bono Legal Match Program, is an initiative of Colorado Nonprofit Association and the Colorado Lawyers Committee effectively matching nonprofits in need of legal assistance with volunteer lawyers who can help.

Participating Organization Criteria

Areas of Assistance

Volunteer lawyers may assist in transactional-type issues, including:

Pro Bono Legal Group Requests

Submitting a request through the Pro Bono Legal Group DOES NOT guarantee legal counsel for your organization. We simply make your request available to a lawyer who may decide to assist your organization and timing can take up to two months for a lawyer to contact you once you submit a request. We encourage you to maintain your own efforts to secure needed assistance. Acceptance of each request is dependent upon the professional and personal criteria of the individual attorneys who volunteer their time and expertise.

Pro Bono Legal Group assistance is NOT available for:

In partnership with:

Leading the Next Generations

Source: First Nonprofit Foundation


The majority of the senior leadership in nonprofits today is comprised of Baby Boomers (born 1946–62). Sure, there are Silent Generation (born 1925–1945) CEOs and GenX (born 1963–1980) executive directors, but the bulk of the senior leadership is currently Boomers. The people who are leading today are not the people who were leading ten years ago. As you think about the differences in leadership style across the generations, remember to also plan for getting to know that leadership culture.


Sample Executive Director Evaluation


Below is Colorado Nonprofit Association’s past CEO Performance Evaluation. 


Sample Conflict of Interest Policy


Sample Bylaws


Below is Colorado Nonprofit Association’s bylaws. Nonprofit bylaws are the rules and methods that your organization follows to insure legality and productivity. It also specifies the election process of directors, your meeting manners, the role of the employees, and many more roles.

Additional Sample Bylaws


Colorado Nonprofit Association Code of Ethics Policy


Below is Colorado Nonprofit Association’s Code of Ethics Policy. 

The Association encourages all nonprofits to adopt a code of ethics policy for its board members, committee members, and staff.


Toxic Leadership: A Challenge to Good Governance


Generally, the public characterize the nonprofit sector as the sector for “doing good” in the world. The notion of toxic leaders is hard to imagine. However, the nonprofit sector is not immune from having leaders who bully, intimidate or dominate board meetings to get their way. This workshop explores toxic leaders, who are they and how organizations and boards can thrive in their mist (or get rid of them if they can’t).


Referred Resources

Additional Resources

About the Presenter

Carolyn Love is principal of Kebaya Coaching ~ Consulting, a leadership and organizational development company. Before starting her business, she served as executive director of three uniquely different nonprofits: Denver Small Business Development Center; Denver Metro Chamber Foundation and Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council. Carolyn received her B.A. in social work from Indiana State University and a Master’s Degree in nonprofit management from Regis University.

Carolyn is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio, with a focus on leadership and change. Colorado Nonprofit Association elected Carolyn to the board of directors in 2011.

Board Manual Contents


Below is a sample Table of Contents from Colorado Nonprofit Association. The Table of Contents may be used to determine which documents and information to include in your board manual. 

Additional Resources


Committee Responsibilities


Find a list of common committees, including responsibilities and further details.