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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Self-Assessment


Being aware of one’s own unconscious bias is important to know for following steps in creating a nonprofit that effectively demonstrates diversity, equity, and inclusion. Having a diverse board, staff, volunteers and members has shown a positive effect on the impact that a nonprofit has on the community served. Here is a personal assessment that one can take to learn of one’s unconscious bias as well as the organization’s as a tool for reflection.


7 Steps to Creating Your Best Nonprofit Marketing Plan Ever


Get the most out of your nonprofit marketing efforts by having a well-organized and strategic marketing plan. The seven steps in this guide will help you answer key questions, improve your messaging, and create your nonprofit marketing plan.


Brand Matters: A Cautionary Tale


Positioning and branding are long term and strategic. Your organization needs to ask about its brand promise as a routine part of ongoing board deliberations.


Give Your Nonprofit’s Newsletter a Reason to Live


Newsletters, whether print or email, consume more time than any other type of publication a nonprofit produces. In this article, marketing communications expert Kivi Leroux Miller challenges you to consider whether your newsletter is serving a strategic goal, and if so, to be sure it is meeting that goal.


Champions With A Cause: Board Members’ Role in Marketing


In the vast majority of nonprofit boardrooms, the debate over whether marketing is important and appropriate for mission-based nonprofit organizations is over. There is now widespread understanding that every nonprofit organization, from soup kitchen to symphony to synagogue, must employ effective marketing precuts to reach ever-changing target audiences, build relationship, and gain the responses, resources and support necessary to sustain the cause.


Copyright & Trademark: FAQ


Many organizations struggle with copyright rules and regulations. Learn when and how to use copyright and trademark rules to your organization’s benefit. Below is copyright information from

FAQ’s include:


Press Release: Template


Instructional template for creating press releases for your organization’s announcements.


Media Release Form: Sample


Below is a sample media release form that may be customized for your organization to use when asking employees/those you serve to participate in media activities for the benefit of your organization.


Digital Media Room: Template & Tips


This template offers strategies and instructions for creating or enhancing your organization’s online media room.


Crisis Communications Plan: Sample


This template is a step-by-step guide to creating a Crisis Communications Plan specific to your organization’s needs.