Colorado Nonprofit Association

Legislative Accomplishments and Session Reports

Colorado Nonprofit Association advocates for the nonprofit sector at the state and national levels.  We research and act on issues broadly impacting Colorado’s nonprofit community at the Capitol. We also work with national partners, including National Council of Nonprofits and Independent Sector to address federal issues impacting nonprofits.

In past years, we have helped nonprofits by working with various stakeholders to make the following policy changes: 

During the legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly, we post a page with information on key bills for Colorado’s nonprofit community, Through State Bill Colorado, we maintain an updated list of all the bills that we are following throughout the session. After the session is over, we post a report with the outcomes of bills we supported and opposed as well as other key bills for the nonprofit community.

Legislative Session Reports

2018 Legislative Session Report

2017 Legislative Session Report

2016 Legislative Session Report

2015 Legislative Session Report 

2014 Legislative Session Report

2013 Legislative Session Report

2012 Legislative Session Report

2011 Legislative Session Report