Colorado Nonprofit Association

Teaching Artist

Title: Teaching Artist

Reports to: Academic Success Manager

Department: Academic Success

Class: Full-Time Exempt

Target Start Date: June 3, 2024

Location: Youth on Record Office & Partner School

Starting Salary: $55,000

Who we are:

Youth on Record (YOR) centers on Joy, Belonging, Authenticity, Collaboration, and Community in our in-school youth programs. Our enrichment programs are designed to help young people become more rooted in their personal power and thrive within the systems and circumstances designed to disempower and marginalize them.

YOR is at the intersection of working in public schools and curating a space where young people can feel motivated and engaged, build positive relationships, feel accepted and validated, and develop leadership skills. We recognize that education alone can not solve systemic injustice, nor can it alone liberate youth. Art is a powerful tool, but it cannot bear the sole responsibility of creating more equitable communities. Still, when integrated under the right framework, education and art are powerful tools for liberation and equity.

The Opportunity:

We are excited to share the Teaching Artist position at Youth on Record, a dynamic, creative youth development organization that harnesses the power of music and the arts. As a Teaching Artist, you will play a vital role in shaping the lives of students by delivering transformative experiences through music, creative exploration, and positive youth development. Our mission is to empower young individuals through trauma-informed, liberatory, innovative, and engaged approaches, fostering nonviolent communication and identity-centered learning through music and the arts.

Teaching Artists teach enrichment classes (including for credit classes) in partner schools and community spaces in the Denver-Metro area. Additionally, Teaching Artists lead and support workshops at the Youth on Record: Youth Media Studio and maintain consistent and professional relationships with the students and administrative leadership across school partnerships.

Join our passionate team as we cultivate an environment that encourages self-expression, personal growth, and academic excellence. Your expertise in various artistic disciplines will catalyze young minds to explore their creativity, build critical thinking skills, and develop a strong foundation for future success. We are dedicated to providing academically and intellectually rigorous programs that empower our students to become confident, well-rounded individuals.

Who You Are:

You are a passionate music educator who thrives in collaboration. You believe in the transformative power of music and art to empower students, particularly from historically marginalized communities. By fostering a curriculum that celebrates the rich traditions and voices of BIPOC communities, you ignite a passion for music in students through personalized instruction and mentorship. Together with educators and staff, you strive to create a dynamic and inclusive learning experience for all students.

Primary Responsibilities:

Throughout the academic year, teach classes focused on Modern Contemporary Music Ensemble; Identity, Power and Music; Music Technology, and integrating a Socio-Cultural lens in lessons. This includes lesson planning around Cultural Heritage celebrations. Courses may vary depending on the school partnership.

As a Teaching Artist, you will:

Administration and Operations Responsibilities:

Professional Development Responsibilities:

Skills and Qualifications:

Additional Experience that may be considered: