Colorado Nonprofit Association

PT GED Instructor & Corrections Program Coordinator

Role and Responsibilities:

This position provides direct face-to-face instruction for adult learners preparing for their High School Equivalency/GED exams in the Denver County Jail and Downtown Denver Correction Center (DDC).  

Additional duties include oversight of one GED proctor and one GED instructor.  

Includes tracking student attendance and progress, administering standardized assessments, coordinating with the corrections administrator and participating in professional
development or meetings, as assigned.

· Provide direct instruction and 1:1 tutoring one evening a week to students preparing for their High School Equivalency exams utilizing the Adult Basic Education curricula.  

· Assist students in creating individualized education plans that meet their learning needs and goals.  

· Strive for 75% or better retention, maintain good communication with students and collaborate with Denver Site Coordinator on student progress.   

· Attend Professional Development trainings, workshops, and required team meetings as assigned by The Learning Source.