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Discipleship Staff (One-Year)

The Dale House Project seeks Discipleship Staff to join in a one-year program of relational ministry among at-risk youth, intentional community, and spiritual formation located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Each year, the Dale House Project welcomes up to eight individuals (4 males, 4 females) ages 22+ from across the country. Participants are expected to live in DHP-provided housing, with a move-in date in August 2024.

The one-year a Primary Careworker training program has three goals:

Relational Ministry

We help young people who have experienced trauma, neglect receive supports so they can transition to independence and adulthood. We offer several programs:

Working on a team of other discipleship staff, you will rotate through the housing and employment programs throughout the year as you care for youth.

You will also be matched with one youth to be their primary support person as they work towards becoming an independent adult. And, more importantly, you seek to show the love of Jesus Christ to them by showing up in all of the details and commitments of everyday life.

Your job is to love youth as well as you can. That means you spend a lot of time together strengthening your relationship with them. Knowing the need to “earn the right to be heard,” you’ll plan activities, have deep conversations, and simply waste time together.

Living in intentional community

We are located in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, a city of over 500,000 people. The Dale House is 20 minutes away from mountain hikes and less than two hours away from the skiing, hiking, camping in the Rocky Mountains.

When you live at the Dale House, you join with other discipleship staff as your roommates and partners in ministry. Your apartment is across the street from where youth live, and you share housing with other staff in the program with you.

We are a place where you will – inevitably – enter into conflict with youth and fellow staff. We commit to working through those challenges, discovering how relationships can become stronger through effective reconciliation.

Form disciples

This form of ministry is stretching and tiring. Youth carry great burdens, and they often struggle to overcome past obstacles and experiences. It is vital for participants to seek Jesus intentionally throughout this year.

Over your year, you will create a Rule of Life, which is an intentional plan to practice spiritual disciplines as a way of staying attuned to the presence of God throughout very challenging work. The discipleship program schedule has two days of every week devoted to the formation of our discipleship staff, where you encourage one another, hold each other accountable, and seek Jesus more faithfully in community.

Who are we looking for?

Each year, staff join us from all over the United States to experience an intentional, in-depth exploration of Christian ministry among hurting youth. To do that best, the main criteria is someone with a mature Christian faith who is seeking to grow closer to Jesus by growing deeper in relationships with others.

Some criteria are most important for success in this role:

About the Dale House Project

The Dale House Project has been training Christian leaders since 1971. Originally founded via Young Life, the Dale House became a separate entity about 20 years ago. But, we still maintain ties to Young Life, including receiving benefits from our parent organization. When you work at the Dale House, you receive full medical, dental, vision benefits. We also provide housing in expensive Colorado Springs, with convenient access to all of the activities of the Rocky Mountains!

We have fifty years’ experience in forming Christian leaders and supporting youth. When we have polled former staff about their experience, here are some of the lessons they say they learned from their time at the Dale House.

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