Colorado Nonprofit Association

Post-Conviction Victim Advocate

 At The Blue Bench, our mission is to eliminate sexual assault and
diminish the impact it has on individuals, their loved ones and our community
through comprehensive issue advocacy, prevention, and care. Our hope is to one
day live in a world where sexual assault no longer exists; where there are no
more victims, friends and families suffering in its wake. This is what inspires
our efforts. and until that day comes, our work is not complete. Inspired by
the courage of one another – as survivors, activists, advocates and community
leaders, The Blue Bench has helped hundreds of thousands of Denver-area
individuals find the courage to move from victim to survivor. 


Job Purpose 

The Blue Bench is seeking a Post-Conviction Victim Advocate to join the Client Services team.
This position serves as an advocate for survivors of sexual violence as they
navigate the post-sentencing phase of the criminal legal system. The Post-Conviction
Victim Advocate provides outreach and advocacy while assisting clients with
accessing needed resources. This role offers an avenue for survivors to remain
informed and heard while the person who harmed them is serving their sentence.
The Post-Conviction Victim Advocate will also provide victim representation on offender
interdisciplinary teams and in statewide groups to ensure the needs of survivors
are heard on all levels.  

The ideal candidate is a trauma-informed and
compassionate advocate with experience working within or adjacent to the
criminal legal system. This individual is comfortable representing the needs of
their client while working with a team of other professionals from a variety of
disciplines that support those who have caused harm. Additionally, they will
assist clients in connecting with community resources and answering questions
about offender treatment and supervision. They are also flexible, adaptable, and
have a strong commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression values.  


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Direct Service/Advocacy 

· Provide outreach and advocacy to survivors when
the offender is placed in a community supervision program (i.e. probation,
parole, and/or community corrections). 

· Provide information, updates, and notification
to the survivor, survivor’s family, or other appropriate secondary survivors
about sex offense treatment and supervision programs. 

· Provide support, referrals, and resource
information to the survivor, survivor’s family, or other appropriate secondary survivors. 

· Serve as a liaison between and/or resource for
the survivor, other victim advocates, offense-specific therapists, supervising
officers, etc. as needed. 

· Provide an avenue for survivors and their support
systems to provide feedback, be informed, and have their voice heard. 

· Support offender interdisciplinary teams in
operating with a survivor-centered approach. 

· Advocate on behalf of the survivor with
non-offending parents and family members. 

· Assist with clarification and reunification when
requested by the survivor and needed by the interdisciplinary team. 


Community Liaison 

· Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings,
treatment groups, or staffings for people who have committed sexual offenses. 

· Participate in statewide groups and on Sexual
Offender Management Board (SOMB) committee meetings. 

· Provide survivor input, representation, and
perspective within interdisciplinary teams. 

· Provide input on how interdisciplinary team
decisions may impact the survivor. 

· Develop and maintain collaborative relationships
with community partners. 

· Collaborate with other agencies to provide
training or informational presentations. 

· Attend other committees/community events/activities/etc.
as appropriate or requested.  


Life of the Organization

· Fully participate in organizational activities
including staff meetings and learning times. 

· Serve as a member of the Client Services and
Advocacy teams, with a collaborative approach to problem solving.  

Job Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 


· Bachelor’s (preferably Master’s) degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in
services, social work, psychology, counseling, sociology, or related field/experience. Equivalent professional experience may be considered.

· A minimum of 5 years direct client experience 

· Experience in crisis response, case management,
and/or victim advocacy 

· Experience working with sexual violence or
other interpersonal traumas 

· Experience working with people who have
committed sexual offenses 

· Knowledge of the criminal legalsystem and the community
supervision process regarding sexual offenses 

· Able to establish and maintain community

· Strong verbal, written,
and telephone communication skills 

· Excellent interpersonal skills, and ability to
actively participate on interdisciplinary teams 

· Organized, effective problem solver, with ability to initiate and execute work responsibilitiesindependently 

· An understanding of cultural influences on behavior in multicultural communities; must be open to working with diverse communities 

· Bilingual skills in English and Spanish highly preferred

· Capacity to manage flexible schedule and be able to work in the field