Colorado Nonprofit Association

Peer Recovery Coach in a Justice Setting

SRC provides Peer Recovery Coaching services specifically designed for individuals navigating various legal situations outside of incarceration, including specialty court participants, community corrections, and probation/parole. We understand that fear and anxiety often accompany involvement with the justice system. Drawing on their own personal experiences, our peer coaches walk alongside those facing court cases, DHS cases, parole, probation, or community corrections sentences.

Furthermore, we extend our support to individuals who are currently experiencing incarceration.  We call these people “our peers behind the walls” and this may be jail, prison, resident community corrections and so on.  Our team consists of individuals who have achieved sustained recovery from substance use disorder and have successfully completed all requirements imposed by the justice system. In addition to their expertise in recovery from substance use disorder, our Justice Coaches have obtained certification in Jordan Forensics Peer Coaching, enabling them to better support justice-involved individuals.

Join our Justice Program at SRC and be part of a transformative initiative that brings hope, understanding, and support to those affected by substance use disorders. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals on their path to recovery.

This is an opportunity to turn your messy past into a message of hope for others!!

All interested applicants must submit both a resume AND a cover letter, to be considered for any position at SRC.

Bi-Lingual also encouraged to apply.

Please visit our link to view the full job description