Colorado Nonprofit Association

Sheridan Rising Together for Equity Organizer

About Sheridan Rising Together for Equity (SRTFE)

SRTFE was founded in 2019 to combat health inequities in the Town of Sheridan. SRTFE is a grassroots, organizing organization that works to build power among community members who have traditionally not held power. SRTFE’s mission is to empower the Sheridan community to achieve equity and inclusive systems. SRTFE defines community as anyone who lives, works, runs a business, or who has family in Sheridan. The organization’s focus areas are Youth, Institutions, and Activities/Programs. SRTFE is fiscally sponsored by Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.


The SRTFE Organizers will mobilize residents of the Town of Sheridan. Under the direction of the Organizing Director, the Organizers will gather information on impacted community member concerns, issues, priorities, and experiences to ensure that SRTFE’s proposed policy solutions are responsive to community needs and identified problems. They will provide input into developing SRTFE’s community organizing campaigns and will help implement the campaign strategies. The Organizer will help implement SRTFE’s non-partisan voter engagement efforts. The Organizer will also help recruit residents for team leadership and volunteer opportunities. 

Primary Responsibilities

• Implement the team’s organizing work plan under the direction of the Organizing Director.   

• Work with team members to identify issues most important to Sheridan residents using one-on-one conversations, surveys, and/or focus groups.    

• Assist with identifying issue areas to ensure they are fully understood so that issue campaigns and strategies can be developed. 

• Collaborate with team members to develop and implement strategic digital and in-person campaigns to mobilize public participation in topics relevant to Sheridan residents. 

• Build relationships and collaborate with impacted Sheridan residents, community partners, and organizations that represent relevant stakeholder groups. 

• Assist with engaging Sheridan residents to become future community leaders. 

• Assist with planning and executing online and in-person events with the community and stakeholders. 

• Assist with recruiting community members to fill SRTFE leadership and volunteer roles. 

• Provide support to team and community members around organizing campaign planning and actions. 

• Implement voter registration and engagement campaigns. 

• Represent SRTFE in assigned community meetings, such as school board and city council.

• Other duties as assigned. 

Other Responsibilities

• Adhere to all CNDC/SRTFE personnel policies and procedures.  

• Maintain a creative, team-building approach to job performance and seek to bring a constructive, problem-solving orientation to all tasks. 

• Perform all tasks and responsibilities with attention to detail and in a complete and timely manner, complying with agency policies and standards and conforming to the scheduling requirements of the job and program.

• Maintain an awareness of the organization’s mission and work to promote the positive independence goals it embodies. 

• Actively strive to upgrade professional skills through engaging in appropriate professional training and experience. 

• Must work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends. 

Required Skills and Qualifications

• Interest in grassroots organizing and/or social justice issues. 

• Experience building alliances or coalitions, organizing volunteers, working on a political campaign and/or leading public awareness and engagement campaigns. 

• Commitment to anti-racism and continuous learning, developing an analysis of power and oppression at interpersonal, institutional, and systemic levels. 

• Enthusiastic about and comfortable with meeting new people. 

• Strong verbal and written communication skills, including presentation skills. 

• Ability to manage work and time effectively. 

• Strong computer skills, including Microsoft and/or Google products. 

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

• Town of Sheridan resident or knowledge of the issues facing Sheridan residents. 

• Minimum of two years’ experience in grassroots organizing and/or social justice issues. 

• Familiarity with strategic and analytical tools such as power mapping.  

• Familiarity with public engagement methods such as digital action alerts, public demonstrations, digital organizing and other creative public support tactics. 

• Bilingual (speaking and writing) in Spanish and English.