Colorado Nonprofit Association

Donor Recovery Coordinator

Are you someone that would benefit by gaining experience interacting with healthcare professionals? Would you enjoy hands on surgical training? Would you love to learn to acquire more medical knowledge like how to review and work with medical charts? How about being a part of a non-profit organization that makes it possible for recipients to receive corneal transplants that restore sight? If this sounds like you, the Donor Recovery Coordinator position might be the perfect fit for you!

Jerry was an all-star high school athlete who was on his way to college on a full ride scholarship. He was projected to be a shoe in for the major leagues. But more than anything he was the most exceptionally kind and generous guy you would ever meet. During a freak accident, Jerry lost his life. Jerry’s best friend since elementary school received a kidney transplant and Jerry always knew he wanted to be a donor. The person to make that happen must make a hard but meaningful phone call to his mother to make his wishes come true. You could be the person to make that call.

As a Donor Recovery Coordinator (DRC), you will need to be a caring individual with strong communication skills because you will be reaching out to the next of kin of our donors. The DRC is responsible for communicating over the phone with donor families regarding ocular tissue donation for transplants and research. This includes the collection of donor recovery screening information from donor families, medical records, healthcare systems, coroners’ offices, and donation partners. The coordinator will be trained in the procurement of eye tissue for transplant and research. You will also need to pay strong attention to detail to perform this delicate and precise surgical procedure.
Coordinators must have adequate physical ability to move donors during the recovery and must be very detail-oriented, dependable, professional, and capable of working at a moderate to high-speed pace. Together the Recovery and Eligibility Supervisor, Technical Trainer, and other staff provide training and ongoing education. The RMLEB Standard Operating Procedures must be followed, and coordinators must routinely revisit RMLEB training programs to include reading updated policies/procedures as well as demonstrating proficiency.

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank was founded by the Lions of Colorado and Wyoming in 1982. RMLEB’s mission is to fulfill the wishes of eye donors and their families to help another overcome blindness through transplantation and research. Our dedication to this mission allows nearly 2,500 eye tissue donors in Colorado and Wyoming to provide thousands of sight-restorative transplants each year. We are a company that consists of a diverse staff who all have a heart for our mission.