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Staff Counselor

Job Description Summary

The Staff Counselor in the Health and Counseling Center works in coordination with the Health and Counseling Center leadership to deliver counseling, services, programming, and consultation with students, staff, faculty, and external constituents. Incumbent will maintain a clinical caseload of individual, couples, and group counseling; Assist fellow staff and leadership in developing and maintaining policies and procedures for clinical practice; adhere to best clinical practices, applicable state and federal statutes, local health and safety laws and regulations, student affairs risk management and professional codes of ethics, as applicable; Employee will prepare statistical and or other written reports in accordance with responsibilities, participate in developing programs and departmental materials, participate in and support student affairs initiatives and committees as appropriate.

Skills and experience with clinical issues common to this setting (eating disorders, trauma, AOD/substance use, anxiety disorders, depression, etc.) highly valued. Experience working with BIPOC communities is highly valued, and commitment to Equity, Inclusion, and Justice competence and experience with a diverse community of clients is an essential component of this position.

Successful candidates will demonstrate a tenacious focus on student success, a commitment to flawless execution of services, and a commitment to providing the best possible experience for Regis students in each and every interaction. Candidates should also demonstrate an ability to center students, embrace innovation and change, and adapt to the dynamic landscape of higher education and the evolving needs of Regis students.

The Staff Counselor position is a FLSA non-exempt position with an FTE of .80 FTE, working 40 hours per week for 9.6 months during the academic year (August through May). There is an opportunity for a flexible working schedule designed and approved in coordination and accordance with University policy and procedure.

Working at Regis University
As Regis employees, we embrace our Jesuit Catholic values of respect, inclusion and equity, and welcome employees, faculty and students from all faiths and cultures. Together, we perform our duties in alignment with the mission of the University and seek dedicated individuals to contribute to and strengthen that mission and our service to students. 

Other: Performs related duties as necessary to support the Regis Mission. 

DECISION MAKING: There is an intense level of stress inherent in this position. On a given day, in addition to scheduled client appointments and routine tasks, there is a need to be on-call (during office hours) in case of psychological crises/emergencies. This on-call nature includes being accessible for consultation and decision-making/problem solving. In addition, independent and expedient judgments and decisions must be made on how to proceed with individual clients in the case of crisis intervention, e.g. seriousness of suicidal threat, mental status, or the need for hospitalization. Given the nature of crisis, that it is unpredictable, the need for ready action creates a great deal of stress in the work environment.

SCOPE OF AUTHORITY: Incumbent has authority to decide appropriate therapeutic strategies in dealing with clients’ psychological/mental health needs.

COMMUNICATION: Communicates both verbally and in writing; employs high level of interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills.

RESULTS OF ACTIONS: (impact of results on the department/Regis) Actions influence student/clients’ ability to adjust to developmental and/or psychological issues. Actions and recommendations also influence faculty/staff’s ability to respond appropriately to psychological/mental health needs of students.

USE OF REGIS HEALTH AND COUNSELING CENTER OFFICE FOR PERSONAL/PRIVATE PRACTICE USE: Regis University Health and Counseling Center professional staff may use their office for personal/private practice use under the following conditions: a) private clients must be scheduled outside of regularly scheduled work days (i.e. before 8:30 AM or after 5:00 PM on regularly scheduled work days) or during the lunch hour only; b) the employee must consistently provide updated documentation of personal liability coverage which must include Regis University as an additional insured and this must be listed on the Certificate of Coverage/Proof of Insurance page; c) in cases where Regis University business overlaps the traditional lunch hour and/or after hours work schedule, Regis business will always trump private practice clients and the Regis University staff person will be responsible for attending to Regis University business.