Colorado Nonprofit Association



CEO Pueblo
Community College Foundation



The successful
candidate selected will be someone who embodies Pueblo Community College
Foundation’s (PCCF) core values, and who believes fully in our mission and


The ideal
candidate must be a proven nonprofit administrator who can provide actual
samples of successful financial and human resource campaigns.


successful candidate must possess a purposeful mindset with superb attention to


successful candidate must possess superior communication skills with an ability
to write and speak persuasively about the role of philanthropy and must provide
a record of his/her abilities to collaborate constructively with other members
of nonprofit organizations, donors, sponsors, and community constituents.


successful candidate must possess the ability to think on his/her feet and the
ability to make sound judgements under pressure.


will be given to the candidate who has an association with an institution of higher
education and/or top-tier professional employment with a multi-million-dollar
nonprofit organization.



· Bachelor’s
degree from and Accredited Institution of Higher Education with a degree emphasis
in business and/or nonprofit management.

· A
minimum of five (5) years of experience in nonprofit management/leadership and
proven successes with major development campaigns, volunteer development and
administrative operations.

· Nonprofit
Management Training including fiscal management, human resources, and fund



· Experience
with the nonprofit organization environment.

· Proven
ability to manage an organization’s resources and talents.

· Willingness
to think about and solve problems.

· Good

· Professionalism 

· Excellent
written and verbal communication skills

· The
ability to work under pressure with multiple priorities and deadlines with accuracy.

· A
finely-honed attention to detail

· Deductive
logic and clear thinking

· Interaction
with differing constituencies and a strong customer service focus

· Discretion
with confidential information.

· Demonstrated
proficiency in Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, Power Point and



PCCF values its
employees’ time and efforts. They are committed to finding the best possible
candidate by offering competitive pay and an extensive benefit package that


· Health,
dental, vision and life insurance

· 401K
Retirement Matching

· Paid

· Competitive
Paid Time Off (PTO)

· Paid
winter break office closure

· Professional
development opportunities



committed to maintaining the best possible environment for our employees where
people can show up as their authentic selves and grow with the Foundation. PCCF
is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace. PCCF provides
equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard
to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetics, race, color, religion,
national origin, disability, protected Veteran status, age, or any other
characteristic protected by law.



The Pueblo Community College Foundation (PCCF) is
a separate 501C3 nonprofit organization created to support Pueblo Community



The Pueblo Community College Foundation will
provide awareness and funding to support the advancement of student scholarship
opportunities and programs of academic excellence at Pueblo Community College.



Since its inception in 1981 the Foundation has
raised over $50 million to support the college and its students. The Foundation
works to provide the funding for scholarships for PCC students and additional
funding needed to advance programs of academic excellence at Pueblo Community


· The foundation awarded
its first scholarships totaling $12,000 in 1988.

· In 2014 the Foundation
awarded $245,000 in scholarship awards.

· Today the Foundation awards
over $850,000 in scholarship awards annually.


· During the last three
academic years, the Foundation worked in tandem with the college to raise $8.3
million for the renovation of the Nursing and Allied Health Teaching and
Learning Center located on the St. Mary Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo.

· The year prior to that,
the Foundation facilitated a $1 million donation that was designated to
renovate the Science and Nursing labs on the Fremont Campus.


In 2014 the Foundation
had assets totaling $4 Million

Today the Foundation has
assets totaling over $23 Million.

The Foundation’s Asset
Allocation is 90% Restricted and10% Unrestricted.



PCCF is governed by volunteer leadership and is
managed by a professional staff of three (CEO, Director of Scholarship
Advancement and Administrative Assistant) with professional assistance from two
financial consultants. In addition to this “staffing” the Foundation collaborates
with volunteers to assist with the oversight of its investments, program
development and scholarship coordination.


PCCF has an official Memorandum of Understanding
with PCC allowing for the use of the college’s logo, graphic assistance, and
some operational support.



Reporting to
the Volunteer Leadership Team, the CEO is the key management position for the
Pueblo Community College Foundation (PCCF) and is responsible for overseeing
the adherence to the organization’s mission and financial objectives along with
being responsible for:

· Management
of the Pueblo-based office and organization’s staffing.

· Development
and implementation of past, present and new funding sources designed to support
the Foundation’s robust scholarship program and to enhance programs of academic
excellence at Pueblo Community College.

· Oversight
of the organization’s assets including financial and real estate holdings

· Development
of a local, state, and national volunteer base designed to enhance the
organization’s operation and college outreach.

· Planning
and implementation of the organization’s marketing as it pertains to the
overall traditional and social messaging and campaigns designed to support specific
funding opportunities.


The CEO will
work closely with the PCC Leadership Team (President and College
Administration) and the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) Foundation.



· Responsible
for leading PCCF in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s
mission as defined by the Volunteer Leadership, seeking their involvement in
policy decisions, fundraising, and increasing the overall visibility of the
Foundation throughout southern Colorado and within the State of Colorado.

· Responsible
for communicating effectively with the Volunteer Leadership and providing, in a
timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for that Leadership to
function properly and to make informed decisions. Works with the Volunteer
Leadership and staff to ensure that the mission is fulfilled through programs,
strategic planning, and community outreach.

· Jointly,
with the president and secretary of the Volunteer Leadership team, conduct
official correspondence of the organization, and jointly, with all officers to
execute legal documents.



· Provide
strategic vision via leadership and policy guidance for all areas of
development in a manner consistent with the mission of the Foundation.

· Responsible
for long-range strategies that ensure that PCCF maintains its mission and core

· Lends
support to PCCF Volunteer Leadership in its fiduciary responsibility of overseeing
the fiscal integrity of the organization; including the submission of an annual
budget and monthly financial statements, both of which accurately reflect the
financial condition of the organization.

· Serves
as the lead spokesperson for the organization.



· Responsible
for the fiscal management that anticipates operating within the approved
budget, as well as ensure maximum resource utilization and maintenance of the
organization in a positive financial position.

· Supervises
the Foundation’s financial consultants/personnel and is responsible for signing
all notes, agreements and other instruments made and entered into and on behalf
of the organization.

· Oversight
of internal controls and processes to ensure the accuracy of financial
information and efficiencies in administrative systems. Oversight of financial
consultants and external auditor in preparation of audit schedules and tax
return preparation. Maintains official records and documents and ensures
compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

· Coordinates
Office Management and daily operations.

· Responsible
for the recruitment, employment, and release of all personnel, both paid staff,
consultants, and volunteers. Ensures that job descriptions are developed,
regular performance evaluations are held, and that sound human resource practices
are in place.

· Oversees
updating of Personnel Handbook and policies of employment.

· Supervises
the Administrative Assistant to ensure the proper management of the PCCF donor
database, including confidentiality, accuracy, and timely entry of donor
records. In addition, works with the AA to ensure that there is timely and
accurate acknowledgement of donor gifts, concerns, and requests.

· Present
to the foundation’s volunteer leadership and college administration a complete
and comprehensive report at the close of each academic year or at any time upon

· Ultimate
responsibility for the success of the foundation and any campaigns.

· Accepts
and executes other duties as suggested/requested by the volunteer



· Responsible
for fundraising and developing other resources necessary to support the
foundation’s mission, setting the pace and leadership for the cultivation and
solicitation of donors through the development of campaigns that fully maximize
fundraising processes and the efforts of PCCF including any capital and
specialty campaigns on behalf of the college.

· Communicates,
explains, and interprets the strategic vision both in and out of office
especially regarding capital campaigns and general fundraising.

· Actively
and aggressively pursues external financial support through capital, annual,
planned, major gifts, grants, sponsorships, and specialty campaigns.

· Gives
broad leadership to the development of innovative approaches and strategies to
secure financial support.

· Collaborates
to launch new fundraising efforts, involving outside leadership as appropriate.

· Motivates
involvement among members of the Foundation team (staff and volunteer) to
secure individual, corporate and foundation support.

· Recruits,
trains, and encourages volunteer leadership in fundraising and visibility

· Evaluates
the giving capacity and interest of appropriate individuals and groups.

· Develop
and implement planned giving programs in tandem with volunteer leadership and
college personnel.

· Oversees
the coordination of and the assessment of annual and special fundraising

· Dedicates
considerable time and attention to external constituents which will directly
enhance fundraising efforts on behalf of the foundation and the college.

· Provide
prospective donors with information and assistance in making gifts.

· Maintains
the lead role in gift solicitation. Communicates the foundation’s mission and
plans to donors and prospective donors. Develops and sustains individual,
corporate, community and foundation relations. Builds and maintains ongoing
relationships with manor donors and works firsthand to cultivate, solicit, and
steward leadership donations.

· Prepares
the foundation’s annual development plan and revenue forecasts in cooperation
with staff for Volunteer Leadership presentation and adoption. Monitors and
reports on performance against plan and budget.



· Fosters
a greater public understanding of, and appreciation for, the foundation and its
role within the college; our histories, our missions, the college’s programs of
academic excellence and all parties involved (foundation, college,
students/scholars) in order to secure strong community and financial support
for the foundation’s annual operations, capital and endowment growth

· Builds
the same understanding and appreciation among the foundation team members to
achieve and project unity in supporting the vision and mission of both the
foundation and the college.

· Responsible
for the enhancement of the foundation’s image by being active and visible in
the community and by working closely with other professional, civic, and
private organizations. Works closely, as well, with the PCC president and other
senior staff in the identification and development of fundraising initiative
and new program developments. Serves as the foundation’s primary spokesperson
to the organization’s constituents, the media, and the public.

· Establishes
and maintains relationships with other foundations of two and four-year
institutions of higher learning and utilizes those relationships to
strategically enhance the foundation’s mission.

· Works
closely with college alumni to foster involvement and support among graduates
and constituents of the college.



· Works
to continually increase funding for the Foundation’s student scholarship program
and enhances existing programs and develops innovative programs to assist with
student health and human needs.

· Builds
relationships with PCC’s offices of student recruitment and retention to
advance the Foundation’s scholarship program.

· Builds
relationships with PCC’s student clubs and organizations to allow PCCF student
scholars volunteer opportunities.

· Works
closely with the Office of Student Success to continue the nonprofit oversight
of the PCC Panther Student Panties and works together to foster greater
community involvement with this valuable student resource.

· Acts
as the lead donor for the annual PCC Thanksgiving Basket Give Away by engaging
community members, business, and organizations to participate in the donation



To apply for
this position please submit a compelling cover letter, a professional resume
and three (3) professional references to:



Community College Foundation

900 W. Orman

Pueblo, CO

or emailed


filing of an application with the Pueblo Community College Foundation is a
preliminary step to employment. It does not oblige PCCF to offer employment, or
the applicant to accept employment. An offer of employment, if made, is for
employment at will and is not to be construed as a guarantee of continued
employment. The first 90 days of employment is considered an introductory
(“probationary”) period during which an employee may resign or be released
without a stated reason and without regard to any progressive disciplinary
steps. However, PCCF reserves the right to terminate the employment of any
employee at any time. Any employee also has the right to terminate his or her
employment with PCCF at any time.



PCCF will coordinate
a thorough background check on those applicants making it to the final round of
interview. This background check will include information from the Colorado (other
state) Bureau of Investigation, professional and personal reference checks, and
educational transcript requests.