Colorado Nonprofit Association

Executive Director


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower our Latine families to thrive, creating opportunities for advancement and building bridges that unite and strengthen us all. We envision a cohesive and diverse community where all people are valued and empowered to participate and contribute to the health and prosperity of Central Oregon.

LCA is an essential connecting point for our immigrant community to ask questions, have letters translated, get help making phone calls (interpretation) and negotiating payment plans (advocacy). We help families pay their bills, file their taxes, work through legal issues, find work, improve their English, and connect to new opportunities. We give our clients the time to be heard and understood. We also provide volunteer opportunities that bring people together across cultures to build a more cohesive community.

We have a non-prescriptive strategic vision to support the Executive Director and staff in being responsive to the evolving landscape and priorities of the Latine community in Central Oregon. 

Our Culture

At LCA, our culture thrives on fostering a deeply participatory environment where every individual, whether staff, board member, or volunteer, feels empowered to bring their authentic selves to the table. We prioritize inclusivity, valuing diverse perspectives and championing collaboration to achieve our mission and vision. Through open and clear communication, empathy, and mutual respect, we cultivate relationships that form the foundation of our success. Co-creation is at the core of our approach, as we actively seek input from all corners of our community to tackle challenges creatively. We reject hierarchical structures in favor of shared power, ensuring everyone has a meaningful role in shaping our collective future. Together, we embody the principles of inclusivity, collaboration, and empowerment, driving positive change in the world.

Who We Are Looking For

LCA is seeking a visionary leader with ability to establish deep connections with the Latine community, local leaders and stakeholders, and partners across Oregon. This leader should be able to guide LCA through transition and growth with involvement by staff, stakeholders, LCA clients, and board members.

As a leader, we are seeking someone who is able to create and sustain an inclusive and participatory culture that supports building leaders within the LCA team, from staff to board members to volunteers to LCA clients. We value shared power and participatory decision making, and want to create leadership and development opportunities through all levels of the organization. The leader should use this inclusivity and participation to establish visions that support each of the current LCA program areas, geographies, LCA client needs, and other possibilities that the leader identifies themselves and/or through work with LCA staff, stakeholders, and board members.

We strive to integrate an equity lens in all our work and are willing to challenge systemic and community barriers that perpetuate inequities for our Central Oregon Latine and immigrant communities. This includes fostering an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates the diversity and intersectionality of our staff and ensures LCA’s programs are driven by the needs of those who are most impacted by the systemic and community barriers that perpetuate inequities for our Central Oregon Latine and immigrant communities.


The Executive Director is responsible for the implementation of LCA’s mission in accordance with the strategic vision that is established and refined collaboratively with the board of directors. This position reports to the board of directors and is supported by a Deputy Director, who will be hired by the Executive Director.


Develop, implement, and monitor policies, practices, and programs to achieve LCA’s mission in alignment with LCA’s governing documents and nonprofit best practices. Responsible for leadership, management, human resources, and operations.

Board Support

● Support the board in preparing for board meetings every other month

● Engage with the board openly, transparently, and collaboratively and in a timely manner to get input and direction as well as share achievements and challenges

● Support the recruitment and development of the board to reflect the communities LCA serves

● Work with the board to ensure the long-term sustainability of LCA

Strategic Vision

● Collaboratively develop a dynamic and adaptable strategic vision that enables LCA to effectively respond to the changing landscape and priorities of the Latine community in Central Oregon.

Staff Development and Management

● Oversee human resource and conflict resolution processes to ensure retention and well-being of staff, including clearly defined staff and volunteer job roles/expectations, selection processes, orientation, onboarding, and training

● Supervise the development, compensation, and strategies for cultivating leadership pathways among both staff and volunteers.

● Manage an ongoing performance review and compensation process for staff

● Foster a work environment that supports shared power and participatory and inclusive decision making

● Cultivate a culture of equity, communication, transparency, trust, and support within LCA 

Resource Management

Devise, implement, and monitor strategies and initiatives to ensure financial, political, and logistical support for short-term success and long-range sustainability.

Resource Development

● Collaborate with members of LCA’s development team to supervise the creation and execution of a thorough development plan encompassing grants, events, and donor cultivation, complete with measurable goals for each fiscal year.

● In collaboration with program leadership, oversee the development and implementation of LCA’s core services and programs and provide strategic leadership, oversight, and assessment to support furthering the strategic vision

Fiscal Management

● Develop and manage the annual budget

● Manage financials to maintain a positive balance and clear and compliant audit

● Provide sound oversight, management, and administration of all grants

● Develop and implement fiscal policies and procedures for board approval

● Consult regularly and in a timely manner with the Treasurer and Finance Committee regarding financials, funding, and other matters regarding fiscal management

● Provide accurate quarterly financial reports to the board


Serve as LCA’s primary representative to communicate LCA’s mission to ensure LCA is recognized for its work and viewed as a valuable and collaborative community partner that prioritizes the needs of those who are most impacted by the systemic and community barriers that perpetuate inequities for our Central Oregon Latine and immigrant communities.

Community Relations

● Create, nurture, and maintain relationships with the community, stakeholders, and media

● Represent LCA and advocate for the priorities of LCA’s clients regularly at community meetings and events to ensure that education about the needs of our Latine and immigrant communities are shared consistently

● Ensure that LCA community partners continue to see LCA as a desirable collaborator Stakeholder Relationships

● Maintain effective, collaborative, and positive relationships with the staff, board, volunteers, community partners, and LCA clients.


● Oversee, support, and be familiar with LCA’s advocacy efforts to (1) build a collective voice about issues that directly impact the Latine community in Central Oregon; (2) inform and educate leaders, decision makers, and the community to advance supportive public policies; (3) engage, empower, and develop Latine community members and youth in civic participation and in community leadership; and (4) advocate for equity and inclusion practices the Central Oregon community should implement to serve LCA clients more effectively.

Supervision and Human Resources

Provide direct or indirect oversight for all staff, including hiring and termination, orientation and onboarding, training and development, performance management; retention, employee relations; planning, assigning, and directing work. Ensure equitable, transparent, and consistent application of policies across LCA. Carry out responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies, applicable laws, and best practices.


Required Skills and Qualifications:

● Professional level fluency in Spanish and English (reading, writing, and speaking)

● Mid-level or senior nonprofit management experience

● Experience supervising staff

● Experience working with the Latine community with a deep understanding of the issues and barriers faced by the Latine community in rural spaces

● Experience advocating for the Latine community

● Proficiency or ability to become quickly proficient in the Google Suite and QuickBooks

● Ability to operate a business or nonprofit, implement programs, and manage and understand complex budgets and grant requirements

● Ability to apply an equity lens to policies, practices, and everyday work

● Ability to fundraise; write, manage, and report on grants; and manage donor relationships

● Ability to navigate change and innovative big-picture ideas while balancing organizational stability and sustainability

● Ability to effectively present information on controversial topics and speak persuasively

● Ability to proactively handle a wide range of responsibilities and tasks in an organized manner

● Ability to practice self-care and stress management 

Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

● Native fluency in Spanish and professional level fluency in English (reading, writing, and speaking)

● Experience living in or connections to Oregon, Central Oregon, or rural spaces

● Experience working with immigrant communities

● Experience implementing best practices for nonprofits

● Experience operating a business or running a nonprofit, implementing programs, and managing and

understanding complex budgets and grant requirements

● Experience applying an equity lens to policies, practices, and everyday work

● Experience fundraising; writing, managing, and reporting on grants; and managing donor


● Experience navigating change and innovative big-picture ideas while balancing organizational

stability and sustainability


Physical Demands:

The Executive Director is regularly required to use a computer; use a cell phone; talk and hear; stand; walk; drive and sit. You will occasionally be required to lift up to 25 pounds. Vision requirements include close, distance and peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus. Reasonable accommodations will be provided to enable Disabled individuals to perform the essential functions.

Working Conditions:

The work environment is primarily indoors, generally in an office setting with a usually moderate noise level, such as ringing phones, many people speaking at once, copiers, and printers. A high percentage of time is spent using a computer or laptop. The environment sometimes includes elevated levels of stress that includes exposure to community trauma. This position requires occasional weekend and evening work. Some of LCA’s events take place outdoors in parks or community spaces. LCA provides equal employment opportunities and we invite people of all races, ethnicities, colors, religions, genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations, national origins, ages, and abilities to apply.