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Director of Clinical Programs


The Director of Clinical Programs is passionate about developing and implementing best practice standards for bereavement care in Metro Denver and beyond. With a balance of clinical expertise and program administration, the Director manages and oversees all aspects of in-house, community-based, and clinical training functions in line with legal, ethical, and organizational standards while addressing the practical and cultural needs of the community. Using strong critical thinking and communication skills, the Director of Clinical Programs applies experience and expertise in managing family-based therapeutic programming and ensures that Judi’s House follows the Comprehensive Grief Care Model to support bereaved children and caregivers. A core member of the organization’s Senior Leadership Team, the Director collaborates with the Chief Clinical Officer to strategically plan the direction and growth of clinical programming. The Director is responsible for the operational success of Judi’s House’s clinical programming by ensuring seamless team management, appropriate program development, quality service delivery, adequate revenue generation, balanced budget management, strategic community partnerships, and accurate stakeholder reporting. The Director is a thought partner for all the Judi’s House/JAG Institute staff, improving collaboration, leading cross-functional teams, and facilitating understanding of clinical programming. The Director establishes and maintains a culture of learning within Judi’s House/JAG Institute that encourages staff to ask questions, be creative, and collectively work toward achieving the full potential and impact of Judi’s House/JAG Institute. 



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