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Communications Associate

The High Line Canal Conservancy is a nonprofit organization with a mission to preserve, protect and enhance the 71-mile long High Line Canal in partnership with the public. The High Line Canal is one of the longest urban trails in the nation, tying together over 15 distinct communities, and has long been a cherished asset across our region. The 150-year-old legacy corridor has outlived its historic purpose as an irrigation utility and has taken on new life as a recreational and ecological resource. With support from each of the 11 jurisdictions along the Canal’s reach, and in partnership with Denver Water, the Conservancy is working to ensure that the Canal is protected and enhanced for future generations. Learn more about the Canal and the Conservancy at

In order for all communities to benefit from the Canal as a recreational and ecological resource, the Conservancy is committed to overcoming historic inequities by building internal systems, increasing activation and engagement and improving the Canal’s infrastructure in alignment with the local communities’ needs and desires. The Conservancy’s staff is committed to DEIA (diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility) work, both as employees and as individuals.

Position Summary
This position provides a unique opportunity to be part of a passionate nonprofit dedicated to the long-term protection and enhancement of one of the nation’s longest recreational and ecological resources located in the Denver metro region.

The Communications Associate (Associate) will execute the communications plan based on the organization’s overall communications strategy and under the direction of the Communication and Marketing Manager. The Associate will help keep the Conservancy’s digital marketing current and on brand and help to create and execute systems for public relations. This individual will be an ambassador for the organization with the goal of advancing the Conservancy’s visibility in the community.

To execute the far-reaching communications plan for the Conservancy, the Associate focuses on the following Conservancy objectives:

  1. Expand understanding, connection and public awareness through creative and consistent marketing and communications outcomes.
  2. Execute comprehensive public communication and marketing plans that position the Canal as a regional recreational and natural resource, prioritizing inclusivity and representation of the diverse communities across the region.
  3. Engage with the public through various channels regarding the Canal and the Conservancy’s work.

The Associate plays a critical role across all departments of the Conservancy, providing communications and marketing support in three main areas of work:

To support this work, the primary responsibilities of the Communications Associate include:


Knowledge and Experience

The ideal candidate will have a strong identification with the mission and purpose of the High Line Canal Conservancy and will bring the following knowledge, experience, skills and abilities:

Abilities and Personal Characteristics
The Associate will be mission-driven, curious, engaged and passionate. The candidate should value community connections and collaboration. In addition, the Conservancy is a young organization that is evolving and growing; therefore, the ideal candidate will be adaptable and work well in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.