Colorado Nonprofit Association

Special Education Teacher

Job Requirements:

1. A Bachelor’s degree is required.

2. Special Education Generalist license, working towards or willing to obtain one within a strict time frame.

3. Holds or is eligible to a Colorado Teaching License in the necessary endorsement area(s).

4. Must be able to successfully pass a drug screening, physical exam and other requirements of Colorado QRTP licensing regulations.

5. Able to work with sensitivity to the cultural and/or socioeconomic diversity of the agency’s clients and staff.

Job Expectations/Responsibilities:

1. Assist in the identification and programming for students with disabilities, including the preparation of the IEP.

2. Plan instruction and curriculum consistent with individual IEP testing scores and accommodations.

3. Provide lessons based on the Common Core and Colorado state standards.

4. Apply principles of teaching/learning to enhance student achievement, including experiential methods that are appropriate for meeting the goals and objectives outlined in the IEP.

5. Differentiate instruction to meet student needs.

6. Communicate effectively with the students and establish clear and concise expectations for appropriate behavior within the classroom and the school.

Essential Functions:

1. Lift and/or move up to 10-25 pounds.

2. Must be able to climb up and down stairs.

3. Required to assist with physical managements (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention).