Colorado Nonprofit Association

Program Manager-Colorado Jail Standards


v Do you enjoy creating and implementing new programs in
support of the criminal justice profession?

v Do you have a passion for public safety? 

v Are you looking for fulfilling work? 


If you enjoy launching new
programs, logistical and planning tasks, want to positively affect health and
safety across the state, and are seeking a supportive work culture, then County
Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC) is the place for you! 


Our employees are passionate
about the work they do and believe in the value they bring to the organization
and the public. As a small team we recognize the importance of teamwork and
building relationships. Our work is
important and seemingly never ending, but we acknowledge the need for personal
wellness and laughter along the way. 


CSOC is a non-profit organization
dedicated to preserving the Office of Sheriff by providing relevant programs
and support to all county sheriffs’ offices within Colorado. We do this by providing educational and professional
development to all law enforcement, promote public safety initiatives and
programs, and support law enforcement and public safety personnel in times of
stress and need.  


We are currently seeking a
full-time Program Manager to stand up and lead the Jail Standards Advisory
Committee (JSAC) program to join our team of dedicated employees! This is an
opportunity to assist in the creation and implementation of important efforts
to support county Sheriffs’ jail related work across the state.  


We are looking to have someone on board as early as July 1,

Work is conducted throughout the state and may
require travel for the purpose of site visits, training and participating in jail assessments. 


Job Overview 

The Program Manager is responsible for developing,
implementing, and managing the Jail Standards Advisory Committee program within
County Sheriffs of Colorado. The PM reports directly to the Executive
This position does not have
supervisory responsibilities.


Role Profile 

Role Name: JSAC Program Implementation 

Purpose of Role: Incorporating the statutory responsibilities outlined in
House Bill 24-1054 for implementation of a state-wide jail standards assessment


· Thoroughly understand the
requirements and expectations outlined within HB24-1054.

· Stand up the new program as
required by law, within budget, on time, while understanding the nuances of the

· Manage JSAC meetings and

· Collaborate with the
Attorney General’s Office (AG) as required by law.

Key Results/Expectations 

· Created relationships and collaboration

· Pulled together a diverse
group of experienced professionals creating a functional committee group.

· JSAC has met the statutory

· AG’s office has been
involved as necessary.

Knowledge and Skills

· Knowledge of sheriffs’
responsibilities and jail operations.

· Ability to effectively
convey ideas and implement plans.

· Skilled in program
development and implementation.

· Proficient in Microsoft
office and basic computer skills.

· Excellence in building
relationships and alliances.

Behavioral Competencies 

· Organization 

· Communication 

· Professionalism 

· Forward thinking 

· Flexible 

· Time Management 




Role Name: JSAC Program

Purpose of Role: Ensure the JSAC provides intended services to sheriffs and
their jails, while monitoring compliance with legislation and the Jail


· Set up and attend all JSAC
meetings and regularly monitor activities to ensure all requirements are being

· Review planning and actions
taken for accuracy and adherence to contracts, funding, and the law.

· Identify changes or
enhancements needed to improve processes and implement them.

· Work in collaboration with
jail commanders and staff, understanding their priorities, providing feedback,
and assistance as needed.

· Provide resources and
guidance for jail operational compliance to the Jail Standards.

· Create and submit annual
reports for the Legislative Oversight Committee (LOC).

· Manage budget and reporting
requirements for the program’s state funding.

Key Results/Expectations: 

· JSAC meets regularly and fulfills
the duties and responsibilities as assigned.

· Program deliverables are met
and reported as scheduled or needed.

· Jail assessors are working
with assigned jails and completing assessments as scheduled.

· Reporting is clear, concise,
and submitted within designated deadlines.

· AG’s office is involved as

· Financial reporting and cost
reimbursements are completed on schedule.

Knowledge and Skills

· Ability to effectively
convey ideas and implement plans.

· Proficient in communication with
a variety of individuals at all levels.

· Ability to consider ideas
and make decisions.

· Ability to oversee a group
of individuals with differing views and collaborate on jail assessments and
related activities as described in law.

· Skilled in managing costs to
budget and record keeping of expenses.

Behavioral Competencies: 

· Teamwork 

· Leadership 

· Resilience 

· Collaborative 

· Focused 


Role Name: Jail Assessments Coordinator 

Purpose of Role: Manage schedule, policies, and individual volunteer assessors
to complete assessments of jails efficiently.



· In coordination with JSAC
members, establish knowledge, skills and abilities required to be a volunteer

· Identify qualified
individuals to serve as assessors of county jails and form memorandum of
understanding documents for their services.

· Generate process and
procedures for assessments to ensure consistency across individual assessors.

· Collaborate with the AG’s
office as necessary.


Key Results/Expectations 

· JSAC has a robust list of
volunteers who are qualified and willing to complete jail assessments
throughout the state.

· Procedures are clearly
identified and followed.

· Assessors complete a jail
assessment and submit reports as required with little assistance required.

· Regular reviews of
volunteers, policies and procedures are completed, and any necessary changes
are documented.

Knowledge and Skills

· Ability to recruit
volunteers for the assessment work.

· Skilled at writing succinct
and understandable process and procedures.

· Understanding of jail
standards and operations.

· Ability to follow up and
track deliverables from various individuals.

· Excellence in leadership and

Behavioral Competencies 

· Articulate 

· Customer Service 

· Detail Driven 

· Resourceful