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Student Engagement Support Member – Start in August!

Organization Overview

Colorado Youth for a Change (CYC) is an educational nonprofit organization with a statewide scope. CYC addresses barriers to learning by providing individualized supports throughout pivotal stages of students’ education journeys. We provide a continuum of services from Prekindergarten through high school to help students find success through tutoring, case management, and outreach to help in-school youth remain in school or out-of-school youth return to school. We envision an equitable education system where each student has access to the resources they need to maximize their own learning and growth.

Organizational Evolution

\Over the past two and a half years, CYC has stepped up to lead education recovery efforts due to the pandemic, not only expanding its reach to more school districts and students but also tripling its budget and learning how to deploy resources quickly. This is an exciting time to join the team, as the organization has grown, developed a new mission and vision, created a three-year strategic plan, and positions itself to respond to many incredible opportunities to support students.


CYC started Corps for a Change in 2015 to increase preventative programming within the organization, with a focus on increasing student engagement and attendance. Corps for a Change is an AmeriCorps program that supports high school and middle school students by addressing barriers to learning and helping students increase a sense of belonging at school and in their community. The Corps for a Change program places caring, service driven members in schools to support students, helping them navigate academic and non-academic needs, with an emphasis on connecting students to mental health resources.

Because Student Engagement Support members are in schools full-time, they are providing consistent, weekly, check-ins with students. Members commit to a term of service and receive rigorous training plus ongoing supervision throughout the year.


This is an AmeriCorps service member position within an AmeriCorps program, Corps for a Change. The Student Engagement Support member is placed at one high school or middle school to provide individualized support to a caseload of 20-40 students who exhibit low attendance and/or lack of engagement. The member will support students to be more engaged in school, improve attendance, provide mental health resources, and help support a path toward academic success.

Engagement support members receive ample training and support throughout their service. All members gain valuable on the job experience, receive a stipend, and earn a Behavioral Health Assistant credential to advance their career.

The Behavioral Health Assistant credential is a fully-funded, ten-credit credentialthrough Aurora Community College, that covers topics like psychiatric care, mental health crisis and intervention, therapeutic communication skills, case management, and clinical documentation. This credential is Medicaid/Medicare recognized credential which means that members leave their term of service with potential opportunities for employment at community clinics, school-based clinics, and more.

Members serve during school hours and are needed for the entire school year. The position is full-time (40 hours per week). This position begins on August 19th, 2024 and ends on May 30th, 2025.


Student Engagement Strategies and Assessment




Members serve full-time (40 hours a week), during a typical school schedule. Daily hours are usually within the time frame of 7:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, however these may vary slightly from site to site. Members may attend site-sponsored activities outside of regular service hours (e.g., family night). Members may have time off during school breaks or holidays when the students are not in school, dependent on hours accumulation and behavioral health coursework requirements.

Members can expect to spend 7-10/hours a week on course work and classes toward the Behavioral Health Assistant credential. The credential courses/work will be folded into typical service hours as much as possible, however, there may be some additional hours needed throughout the term in order to complete the requirements.  

This schedule format will ensure members meet the 1200-hour requirement between August 19th, 2024 and May 30th, 2025. Members are required to commit to the full term of service. On August 19th, members will begin their term of service with two weeks of orientation. Members begin serving at their site placement after completing training.

Members participate in a two-week onboarding training at the beginning of their service term. Orientation is completed in-person and online. In-person trainings will be held in the Denver-metro area. Throughout their service term, members participate in Zoom meetings, interactive trainings, and self-directed learning modules. Members are trained on equity and anti-oppression, individualized student support strategies, mandated reporting, data entry, and more. Members will also complete coursework through Aurora Community College to earn the Behavioral Health Assistant credential. The Behavioral Health Assistant credential is a four class, ten-credit credential which members will complete throughout their service term by taking one course at a time.

Members receive one-on-one supervision twice per month by a CYC Corps for a Change Coordinator. Members participate in ongoing professional development trainings facilitated by CYC staff and through community partners of CYC at least twice per month. Members also participate in professional development opportunities at their service sites which vary depending on the site.


CYC AmeriCorps members are placed at one school during the term of service. Placement will be determined based on the needs of the member and the needs of the school. Typically, member location and mode of transportation are the biggest consideration. Although members are placed at one school, there will be regular opportunities to connect as a larger team with other fellow Corps for a Change members. Service sites are located in the Denver Metro area.