Colorado Nonprofit Association

Full Time Program Manager


We are looking for a Program Manager to support the member-facing work of the Colorado Youth Congress and act as the lead-facilitator & coordinator in our young, mission-driven organization. If you love youth leadership development, you’re a great facilitator, and you care deeply about issues of justice and social change, then we’d love for you to apply.

This role is full time, (32 hrs/week), based in Colorado and has a starting salary of $65,000-$70,000. This role requires availability to work bi-weekly on Saturdays and one evening a week, and involves occasional travel. The deadline to apply is June 28th, 2024, but applications will remain open until the role is filled. More details below.


Mission Statement:

Vision/Impact Statement:


  1. Justice: We actively work to advance justice at all scales. From the relational level to the systems level, we use healing justice and youth leadership as tools to remedy the centuries of harm created by racism, capitalism, and identity-based discrimination. Ultimately, we use Love as a guiding force
  2. Wellness: We prioritize our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in CYC. We value each other as people and not just producers and we practice a culture of care by showing compassion to ourselves, investing time and resources in the well-being of each other, and working to create systems that honor the humanity of us all.
  3. Youth Agency: We believe in letting youth determine a different future for themselves as individuals and collectively. We live this out by putting youth at the center of decision-making in our organization and more broadly of the social and political leadership of Colorado.
  4. Co-creation: While we value agency and autonomy, we also recognize our deep interdependence and believe in the power of a connected, collaborative community. We actively seek input from others, make decisions that benefit the community, and work in partnership with other organizations to realize a shared vision.
  5. Learning and growth: We prioritize learning about ourselves, each other, and systems and embrace discomfort as a means for growth. Ultimately, we believe that personal, organizational, and societal adaptation is the only path towards justice and well-being.


  1. You love supporting young people as they develop into bold, self aware, justice-minded leaders.
  2. You have significant facilitation experience, having facilitated dialogue in small and large groups, as well as experience facilitating workshops and trainings.
  3. You know how to decenter yourself and elevate co-creation in all aspects of your job. You know how to balance facilitating dialogue and decision making processes without taking control over the process.
  4. Your value system centers on diversity, equity and inclusion. You have a clear understanding of the historical threads of oppression and have reflected deeply on your own positionality. You’ve demonstrated a desire to dismantle unjust systems and re-build something just and sustainable.
  5. You take initiative in your work, notice opportunities for growth in the program, yourself, and the community and are comfortable proactively taking steps to implement supports, strategies, or interventions.
  6. You are able to work on evenings and weekends to support CYC members (with full autonomy over your schedule elsewhere to support a healthy, sustainable workload).


  1. Facilitate CYC meetings & support member’s Social Change Campaign/Project

2) Oversee Besties Group Leaders and Besties Group Peer Support Model

3. Administrative Support


As mentioned, the vast majority of our programming takes place on weekends and evenings. We will have a virtual meeting (almost) every other Saturday throughout the school year from 10am – 12pm (although the time is subject to change a bit depending on members’ preferences)

We will also have three in-person weekend retreats where all of our members and staff come together. The retreats will be held on the following dates in the 24-25 FY: Aug 9-11, Sept 20-22, Dec 12-15, and June 6-7.