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Social and Emotional Learning Facilitator

Founded in 1982, the Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE) is one of Denver’s leading workforce and anti-poverty organizations. CWEE provides personal and professional support to address each career seeker’s unique challenges and to facilitate a supportive path to long-term employment success. CWEE’s mission is to foster personal and professional transformation for low-income families through confidence building, customized skills training, and career advancement. CWEE believes that regardless of personal situations and other barriers to employment, when an appropriate level of education and support is provided, individuals can and will succeed.

The values that drive CWEE’s mission of helping individuals succeed also drive CWEE’s approach to organizational management and employee development. CWEE embraces a culture of organizational learning and continuous quality improvement while centering trauma-informed care and wellness at all levels of the organization.


The Social and Emotional Learning Facilitator (SELF) is responsible for promoting the social emotional wellness of CWEE participants by providing group instruction of social emotional learning curriculum to adult learners. This position works in close collaboration with other members of the Wellness Team to support participant access to mental health care by managing referrals for mental health counseling and facilitating a peer support group.

This role serves in a dedicated capacity to empower CWEE participants to access support in order to manage a range of needs that can affect an individual’s mental health. A primary focus of the role is forming effective and empathetic relationships through a deep understanding of the impact of economic disparity on mental health, service use and recovery. Ideally, this deep understanding comes through lived experience with mental health services, government benefits, substance use, or homeless services.

The SELF role is new to the organization and designed to create a non-clinical pathway to accessing mental health resources for CWEE participants both through referrals and group facilitation. CWEE is seeking an individual with strong relationship skills, a willingness to learn and adapt as the needs of the organization evolve, and a passion for CWEE’s mission.  


Group Facilitation (50-55% of time) 

Referrals (25-30% of time)

Curriculum and Administration (10% of time) 

Communication (10% of time)

Professional Growth and Wellness (5% of time)


*Priority will be given to candidates who are prior or current recipients of mental health services, government benefits, substance use and/or homeless services, with the ability to role model positive impacts of any of these programs and who is actively participating in their own wellbeing and/or recovery. If specific components of this role interest you, please apply! CWEE is willing to train.