Colorado Nonprofit Association

Senior Philanthropy Lead, Youth Health & Well-being

 Senior Philanthropy Leads work independently and in partnership with a supportive team to realize Caring for Colorado’s mission and bring the promise of our grantmaking
strategies to life. They oversee grantmaking, build relationships with grantees and community partners, elevate youth and community voices, and influence systems and policies that advance health equity for young people and their families.

 This position is one of three dedicated to the organization’s Youth Health & Well-being priority. As the primary liaison with applicants, grantees, and community leaders in designated regions throughout Colorado, the position requires a high level of interpersonal engagement, visibility, and frequent travel. 

 Success is measured by a Senior Philanthropy Lead’s ability to work responsively and with humility to build trust-based relationships, demonstrate a deep knowledge of local community assets and opportunities, serve as a credible resource in the areas of adolescent health and well-being and nonprofit leadership, and deliver meaningful results that advance grantee and Foundation goals.  

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