Colorado Nonprofit Association

Permanent Supportive Case Manager

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless  

  A group of thoughtful and concerned Boulder residents established the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless in 1982. The Shelter has been continuously serving the most vulnerable members of our community since. Through the years, we have modified and evolved the programs and services we offer based on data, best practices, and community needs. Today, we pursue a mission of creating avenues to stable housing for our community’s homeless adults. We also take pride in creating a cohesive, supportive, and compassionate workplace.  

Primary Responsibilities: 

· Assist former chronically homeless, disabled clients acquire and maintain housing, increase self-sufficiency, and achieve stability.  

· Refer, screen, and perform intake duties for
potential program candidates. 

· Assist program candidates with program
paperwork, voucher acquisition, apartment search, lease-up, furniture
acquisition and move in.  

Qualifications &

& Experience


& Abilities: