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Social Media Coordinator

Birthline of Loveland is seeking a Social Media Coordinator / Receptionist: 

Birthline of Loveland is seeking a positive, multi-tasking, tech and social media savvy, spiritually mature, customer-relations professional to serve as front desk receptionist, social media coordinator and strategist, and occasional client Advocate (see below).  


Successful applicants should demonstrate the following in the Cover Letter and Resume submitted to :  

· Ability to provide quality customer service/relations while multi-tasking with other duties. 

· Ability to use social media effectively and creatively. Also a working knowledge of tech tools and media platforms. 

· Experience or aptitude for working in a lay-counseling role with women in crisis or compromised circumstance. 

· Ability to manage online database system for volunteers and clients.  

· Experience with Microsoft 365. A plus to be experienced in Manual and Book Creation. 

· Experience in coordinating Event Management and Social Gatherings. 


Faith/Character Requirements:  

· Must be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. 

· Exhibit a strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position and to sexual purity.  

· Agree and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith and Policies & Procedures of the Center. 

· Exhibits confidence yet is teachable and other-focused. 

· Exhibits integrity in professional and personal life in accordance with accepted moral standards; straightforward and not self-serving. 


Position Requirements:  

· Availability to work 4 hours each day, Monday through Thursday during a portion of Birthline’s open hours (10am-4pm). 

· Marketing and brand development, including Social Media postings and scheduling.  

· Interpersonal communication and customer relations.   

· Ability to provide volunteer coordination, encouragement, direction, and on occasion spiritual development (daily devotionals). 

· Ability to implement strategic plans and goals for the Center. 

· Ability to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision.  


Essential Functions: 

· Open and/or close the center, and maintain safety protocols.  

· Make appointments and check in clients by working with online database/platform and tech tools. 

· Make creative bi-weekly posts with social media tools; schedule posts with social media platform. 

· Understand protocols for materials-giving to clients and walk-ins.

· Manage donations and provide positive customer relations with donors.  

· Understand vision for counseling and “L.O.V.E. Approach” so as to act as a client Advocate (to counsel and resource clients as needed). 

· Be available and help coordinate special events.  

· Accurately relay communications between supporters/donors and staff.  

· Train new volunteers on front desk duties including software platforms and telephone. 

· Stay apprised of community needs and look for opportunities for possible expansion of Birthline’s ministries. 

· Resolve conflicts with clients in a sensitive, Christ-honoring manner. 


Application Process 

Qualified candidates should send a Cover Letter and Resume Birthline to . 


Compensation: $16/hr, 16 hours of part-time work Monday through Thursday between 10am & 4pm. 

Job Location: On site at the Center.