Colorado Nonprofit Association

Financial Coach/Counselor – SE Colorado

Benefits in Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting our diverse community with a focus on the elderly and underserved, to improve their understanding, access, and utilization of food– and health– related benefits to enhance food security, health, and wellbeing. In 2023, Benefits in Action provided services to more than 14,000 individuals by assisting them with Medicaid, Medicare, Connect for Health, SNAP, food delivery, and issues related to social isolation. Volunteers are an integral part of our organization.  

About the role: The Financial Coach/Counselor is a trained professional that will partner with clients in a thought provoking and creative process to inspire them to maximize their potential. The end goal is to help clients get unstuck in realizing their dreams and goals. The role is primarily forward looking and is oriented on solutions and capacity for change. However, at times, it is backward looking to solve specific and concrete problems. The role involves serving as a financial expert to help clients manage their money more effectively and responsibility. Serving as a financial expert
involves providing education and guidance on saving, budgeting, and managing
credit and debt; and helping clients solve specific and general financial problems. This is a full-time remote position located in SE Colorado that works at home and involves travel throughout SE Colorado. The role requires a reliable internet connection at home and reliable means of transportation throughout SE Colorado. The Financial Coach/Counselor reports to the Manager of Financial Programs.

Key Responsibilities: 

Financial Coaching and Direct Service: (65 percent) 

· Assist consumers and families in achieving financial literacy and in creating plans
for financial self-sufficiency.

· Receive referrals from community organizations (contracted and associated) 

· Initiate contact with consumer/family/representative to assess necessary assistance and prioritization of needs. 

· Meet with clients and groups as scheduled; must be on time to appointments and
prepared to assist with appropriate financial matters.

· Documentation according to policies and procedures; and in our consumer database. 

· Complete clear action plans and prioritize caseloads to move each case to closure. 

· Serve as a liaison between consumers and families, Benefits in Action staff, and
other community organizations as necessary.

· Training of new financial coaches and counselors – staff and volunteers 

· Attend required BIA staff meetings. 

· Demonstrate ethical practice. 

· Embody a coaching and counseling mindset. 

· Assist clients in creating and maintaining financial action plans. 

· Establish and maintain financial agreements. 

· Help clients manage money, credit, and debt. 

· Educate clients about major acquisitions. 

· Help clients manage financial risks. 

· Educate clients on the basics of investments, retirement, and estate planning. 

· Cultivate an environment of trust and safety. 

· Maintain physical and emotional presence. 

· Active listening 

· Evoke awareness of financial concepts 

· Foster client growth 

· Conduct general and specific assessments of clients’ needs. 

· This position is metric driven, and the Financial Coach will be held accountable for
the following metrics to be jointly decided by the Financial Coach and the
Manager of Financial Programs at least twice a year.

o Number of clients called or met. 

o Number of clients who provide answers to questions about financial issues. 

o Efficiency as measured by length of time to complete phone calls and in-person meetings with the expectation that calls will last less than 30 minutes and meetings
will last less than an hour.

o Supervisor Evaluation 

o Regular completion of reports and spreadsheets. 

Outreach: (15 percent) 

· Attending trainings and meetings as appropriate for assigned content area. 

· Attending appointments at other agencies with/or to represent consumers as appropriate. 

· Hosting group events in the SE Colorado community to foster financial education and literacy.  

· Join and attend appropriate community education to increase knowledge of Benefits in Action services. 

· Work with community organizations to develop ongoing relationships, collaborations, and partnerships, focusing on key decision makers at target organizations. 

· Attend community events and deliver presentations about Benefits in Action’s services and with a focus on financial programs.  

Reporting and Database Administration (20 percent) 

· Maintain reports and provide necessary documents by deadlines and upon request. 

· Uphold HIPAA policies and procedures throughout the process. 

· Enter and track data in HIPAA compliance systems to ensure accurate client tracking and follow up. 

· Stay current with local, state, and federal changes that relate to financial
stability or other federal, state, or local assistance programs.

 Education/Work Requirements 

· Certification as an AFCPE Accredited Financial Counselor, ICF Certified Financial Coach, HUD Housing Counselor, Sage Financial Institution Financial Coach, Central New Mexico Community College Financial Coach, NeighborWorks American Financial Capability Certification, membership in the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors, or equivalent education and/or certification preferred. 

· Work experience. 

· Knowledge of HIPAA practices. 

· Knowledge of a variety of financial and health programs from Medicaid, Medicare, federal, state, local and grant-funded programs; their regulations, processes, and
eligibility requirements, with expertise in one of the areas preferred.

 Other Required Strengths 

· Demonstrated experience working with diverse populations. 

· Demonstrated problem solving skills. 

· Strong computer skills and program proficiency. 

· Strong verbal and written communication skills. 

· Strong organizational, logistical, and time management abilities. 

· Ability to manage multiple projects at one time. 

· Ability to work with individuals and organizations at all levels. 

· Ability to be flexible and work on a passionate team. 

· Ability to work independently. 

· Ability to jump in where needed. 

· Maintains a valid drivers license and adequate insurance for commuting to the office. 

· Experience with Microsoft 365 preferred. 

· Bilingual (Spanish/English) preferred. 

Position Type/Schedule: This is a full-time,
non-exempt position, requiring occasional evening and weekend work and the
ability to be flexible and responsive to the emergent needs of Benefits in
Action. This position requires spending 100 percent of one’s time in a variety
of locations throughout SE Colorado.