Colorado Nonprofit Association

Child and Family Advocate

Child and Family Advocate

Under the supervision of the Executive Director, provide advocacy and support to Denver families/parents of children/youth birth through 21with disabilities in the area of education, community resources and public systems.  

· Provide advocacy at the local and state level for rights of children and youth with disabilities 

· Facilitate communication between family/parent, child, school and/or other public/community agency.  

· Resolve and/or escalate issues in a timely fashion.  

· Mitigate conflict and communication problems.  

· Identify opportunities for improvement and make constructive recommendations for change.  

· Serve as a resource to families and relevant communities.  

· Maintain the integrity and confidentiality of child and family information.  

· Coordinate/facilitate parent training to diverse and different age populations. 

· Keep abreast of disability issues, changes within public systems, public law and regulations.  


Position Characteristics/Requirements

· Strong oral communication skills 

· Strong reading and written language skills  

· Understanding of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and the American’s with Disabilities Act 

· Understanding of evaluation and eligibility procedures for Individualized Education Program or Section 504 Accommodation Plans 

· Understanding and sensitivity to disability issues 

· Ability to work effectively with parents/families of children and youth with disabilities