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2024 Southern Colorado

Southern Colorado

Get ready, Southern Colorado! Connecting Colorado is coming your way!

Join us for engaging breakout sessions aimed at increasing the capacity of your Nonprofit Organization. We’ll also feature a dedicated track specifically tailored for nonprofit executives.

Connect with fellow nonprofit professionals in your region to exchange ideas, find solutions and celebrate successes through roundtables and panel discussions.


Event Agenda

Monday, September 16, 2024
8:00 AM – 4:15 PM

El Pomar Foundation Penrose House Garden Pavilion
1661 Mesa Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Event Schedule

8:00-8:30 AM

8:30-8:50 AM

9:00-10:15 AM

10:15-10:45 AM

10:45 AM – 12:00 PM

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2:30-3:00 PM

3:00-4:15 PM

4:15 PM

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Opening Remarks

Breakout Session 1*

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Breakout Session 2*


Breakout Session 3*

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Breakout Session 4*

Closing Remarks

*Each breakout session will have 4 trainings to choose from. The presentation materials from each breakout session will be sent out following the event.

Session Descriptions

Each breakout session will have 4 trainings to choose from. The presentation materials from each breakout session will be sent out following the event.

Breakout Session 1 (9:00-10:15 AM)

The Hidden Costs of Staff Turnover and How to Hire Right the First Time
Brittny Wilson
, Brittny Wilson Consulting

Turnover is costly, but those costs can be mitigated with a streamlined hiring process. When the process becomes an afterthought rather than an informed, strategic process, the true costs can be catastrophic. In this session, we’ll expose hiring pitfalls that cost organizations more than you think and learn easy solutions to avoid them

Navigating Board Recruitment: Best Practices for Finding the Right Fit
Eloise Casdorph, Nonprofit Navigators

Are you looking to enhance your organization’s board with skilled, dedicated, and diverse  members? Join us for this workshop focused on board recruitment, where we delve into the art  and science of attracting and selecting the right individuals to serve on your board.  In this interactive workshop, participants will gain valuable insights into the essential strategies  and best practices for successful board recruitment. From defining the roles and responsibilities  of board members to identifying key skills and qualities needed for effective governance,  attendees will learn how to navigate the recruitment process with confidence. We will also  address the importance of diversity and inclusion in building a strong and vibrant board that  reflects the communities and stakeholders it serves.  
Nurturing Your Inner Rested Healer
Tes Cohen, Transformative Gatherings

Rest is an essential contributor to our ability to show up as our full selves in both personal and professional contexts and yet tends to be continually deprioritized. In this workshop, you will hold up a mirror to your relationship with rest, leveraging Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith’s rest framework, and explore how to more intentionally integrate rest into your day-to-day so that you may reap the benefits of investing in your own rest.
Unleashing Brilliance: A Team’s Odyssey in Development
Brittany Dawson, Brittany Dawson Coaching LLC

Embark on a journey of growth and innovation with “Unleashing Brilliance” where you’ll learn how to unlock the potential of your team and deepen professional development. In this 90 minute workshop, discover innovative and research-backed strategies to create impactful opportunities, present new challenges, and empower your team’s career growth and advancement. Elevate your leadership skills as we delve into creative solutions designed to inspire and drive success. Are you ready to unleash the brilliance within your team? This workshop is geared towards Managers, CEOs, Talent Acquisition Leaders, and professionals curious how to develop their team.

Breakout Session 2 (10:45-12:00 PM)

The Art and Science of Survey Design
Lindsay Morgia, Morgia Research Solutions

Participants will takeaway several key pieces of information including: the importance of defining their research questions, how to decide if a survey is the right tool to answer their research questions, how to write and test survey questions, how to access tools and resources for creating online surveys, and steps for creating a timeline and assigning roles for survey implementation and analysis. Participants will also receive a survey planning template that they can use for future projects.
City and State and Federal, Oh, My! Taking the Fear out of Government Grants
Megan Ferry
, Nonprofit Navigators

In this session, participants will learn about the differences between foundation and government grants, and whether government grants are relevant to their organization. They’ll also uncover a variety of avenues for sourcing government funding opportunities (hint: it’s not just one place!) and learn how to read and assess if these grants are a good match. Lastly, they’ll unravel the distinctions between city, county, state, and federal grants, equipping themselves with invaluable insights to pursue the most fitting funding pathways.
A Panel Discussion on Social Entrepreneurs

Join Jonathan Liebert, a leader in social entrepreneurship and the CEO of the Better Business Bureau, as he guides a dynamic panel of amazing local social entrepreneurs. This session will delve into the powerful intersection of nonprofit purpose and entrepreneurial innovation, exploring strategies that enhance social impact for nonprofits. Engage with leading social entrepreneurs who are redefining nonprofit practices through sustainable business models and innovative approaches. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your perspective and amplify your impact in the nonprofit sector and empower your organization to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.
Next Level Nonprofit: Build a Dream Team + Increase Lasting Impact
Chris Lambert
, Life Remodeled

As nonprofit leaders, all of us are convinced the people we serve deserve the highest levels of excellence we can possibly give them. However, most of us are so focused on serving those outwardly, we don’t invest enough time, talent, and energy on our inward, internal systems that would actually ensure greater impact and greater reach. Next Level Nonprofit is a series of timeless principles that ensure all of us can build the dream teams we’re longing for, serve more people, and serve them far more effectively.

Breakout Session 3 (1:15-2:30 PM)

Navigating Tech Trends: A Nonprofit’s Guide
Matt Schwartz,
Sage Hospitality

Join us for a dynamic breakout session at Connecting Colorado where we’ll delve into the latest technology trends impacting nonprofits. From AI-driven fundraising to blockchain for transparency, we’ll explore practical strategies for leveraging tech to advance your mission. Gain insights, share experiences, and chart a course for digital success in the nonprofit sector.
Building a Sustainable Future: Succession Planning Essentials for Non-Profits,
Peter Wesch, Smith Marion & Co.

Succession planning is a critical endeavor for non-profit organizations seeking to uphold stability, enhance efficiency, and secure long-term viability amidst evolving environments. This presentation is designed to empower non-profit leaders with the essential knowledge, strategies, and best practices required to establish effective succession plans. By tackling pertinent challenges and offering actionable guidance, participants will acquire a thorough grasp of how to cultivate a pool of capable leaders, mitigate organizational vulnerabilities, and ensure smooth transitions of responsibilities. Join us to unlock the pivotal role of succession planning in shaping the future trajectory of nonprofit organizations.
Reconnecting with Purpose: Navigating Burnout
Katie SanFillppo,Ripple Consulting

Gain insight into the distinctive signs of burnout in nonprofit leaders and staff, along with actionable strategies to mitigate these challenges. Break down the stigma surrounding burnout through personal reflection and group discussions within a confidential, safe space. Cultivate resilience and capacity to navigate personal burnout, fostering a renewed connection with your organization’s mission and passion. Connect with other non-profit leaders, fostering communities of support and resilience that extend beyond the conference.
Economic Update & Outlook for Nonprofits
Steven Fraley, CFA, MBA, Innovest Portfolio Solutions

Steven will discuss in understandable terms the key aspects of the world economy and financial markets and how that impacts nonprofit organizations, especially looking forward the next five to 10 years. Steven will also discuss how this translates to the state level and will address Colorado specific factors for local nonprofits.

Breakout Session 4 (3:00-4:15 PM)

Inclusive, Strategic, Sustainable: How Sweepstakes Fundraising is Taking the Nonprofit Sector by Storm …and specific steps to make it work for your organization!
Annie Tuckman and Allison Volk
, TapKat Solutions

Sweepstakes fundraising is a new and exciting way to raise funds that donors love! An incredibly effective strategy nonprofits can leverage to embrace our evolving cultural reliance to the online world, sweepstakes are a proven model for nonprofits to build their donor list, reactivate lapsed donors, and attract new donors. This inclusive fundraising model makes it possible for donors of all levels to win the prize (not just top donors), building community, trust, and enthusiasm among a diverse donor base.
Ten Ways Fundraisers are Using GenAI Today
France Hoang,

France will share real-world examples and case studies showcasing GenAI applications like: personalizing donor communications at scale, using AI-powered donor files, generating fundraising ideas that align with your mission and resonate with donors, and more cutting-edge GenAI use cases that demonstrate how nonprofit staff can produce better results in less time with GenAI. You’ll walk away with practical tips on evaluating and implementing GenAI solutions for your organization. There will also be an interactive Q&A portion to get your specific questions answered.
Better Together: A Conversation on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
James Proby,
The Men’s Xchange

Join James Proby, founder of the Men’s Xchange, in an engaging session on DEI.  Since 2017, the Men’s Xchange is the premier men’s thrift boutique that exclusively caters to men’s business and professional attire.
Succession and Strategic Planning
Dudley Callison,
Valtas Group

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Event Speakers

Brittany Dawson Coaching LLC

Nonprofit Consultant
Nonprofit Navigators

Brittny Wilson Consulting

BBB of Southern Colorado

Chief Technology Officer
Sage Hospitality

Founder & CEO
Life Remodeled

Nonprofit Strategist
Nonprofit Navigators

Director of Sales
TapKat Solutions LLC

CEO & Founder
Morgia Research Services

Ripple Consulting

Partner and Tax Principal
Smith Marion & CO.

The Men’s Xchange

Director of Marketing
TapKat Solutions LLC

Founder & CEO
Transformative Gatherings


Managing Partner
Valtas Group

Principal & Director


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